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  1. libby

    mk1 rapid7

    mk1 rapid7 with dive bottel good condison £550 07563114925 sheffield
  2. libby

    LT 80

    2 LT80 quads one blue n white and one yellow n black both good runner starts first time £350 each quads in sheffield 07522446547
  3. libby

    borderlakey 100%

    can send pic to phone i carnt up load them
  4. borderlakey dog 100% to ground dogs in south yorkshire £200 grayhound collie bull 24tt very chunky 3yr old 100% £200
  5. ring my mum phone lad

  6. long range terrier coller for sale bran new never been on the dog £40
  7. mk1 box with two 15ft ferret collers n one 15ft terrier coller and 20 net in good working order £100 sold
  8. libby

    how long does the b&f collar

    just keep digging till u brake through lad and see whats thay hope u find him
  9. libby

    Butcher and Badger

    good read that pal
  10. libby

    fox pic

    grate photo that pal
  11. deben mk3 ferret finder and coller £90 sheffield 07518165800 thanks
  12. libby

    Young Dog

    very nice dog u got thay pal
  13. libby

    Black Fell Bitch

    il have sum of what ur on lad two
  14. libby

    stolen pup

    w*****s atb finding the pup