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  1. shame your not closer id of took one straight away,
  2. hi im selling silver samsung pixon touch screen mobile phone as i have just upgraded. the phone is 12 months old and in good condition although it does have a few marks on the back of the phone which is due to it being in my bag, these have no affect on the phone at all. it has an 8 megapixel camera which gives you good quality photos. it comes with earphones, wall charger, usb cable, cd to transfer data from phone to pc, 1gb sd memory card and sd memory card reader. it is also unlocked so accepts any sim card. grab a bargain £55
  3. hi i recieved the collar this morning, it is brilliant quality, i will be getting another one for my other dog after the year. i will recommend you to all my friends who are after good quality strong collars. thanks again and merry christmas:thumbs:
  4. Im not selling her because she's a hancock bred dog, i have an 8 year old hancock bred bitch here thankyou who has done everything and more i have asked of her. You like his dogs or you don't, don't come on here trying to change my ad to a hancock slagging thread. all the best with her mate
  5. wots the least youd take mate
  6. whats a reasonable offer then mate ? im looking for £35 i think thats reasonable
  7. Hi,Is the lurcher sold, Best regards, AC. hi no iv still got it.
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