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    Working terriers to fox[retired now] ive had a few lurchers over the years and now thats about all im interested in although i only have 1 whippet bitch at the moment.<br />Also do some fishing,Barbel and Pike mostly.<br />M y lads have dogs as well 1st x collie/grey +bed/whip/grey x whipp,<br />whippet/grey x bedd/grey.<br />bit of a mixture between us really.
  1. As this has surfaced again i think i ought to explain my earlier post, in my area there's a lot of steelworks[or used to be] a by product of steel making is slag,quite a few place's we hunted had slag boulders piled up for years in a quiet corner, These held loads of fox,absolutely ideal for them,some were a bit dangerous for the dogs and were avoided if you had any sense,some were quite safe although covering a big area,foxes could be reluctant to bolt sometimes and would just lead the dog a dance round and round,didn't matter how good the dog was it was just playing follow my leader,alt
  2. Could you explain the bit about the drunks cheering I can explain it Liam,there was a tale on the 73 thread about someone falling over a dog drunk at one of those events! Im part of the hunting community,if i jacked this site in i would still be a member of the hunting community,and anyone posting stupid pictures/comments could affect my life, so i think im entiteled to pull them up on it. A moderator talking about tact and people posting pictures of a dog with half its face hanging off?????? or a bull cross heavily damaged that couldn't catch me its so heavy? Some people thi
  3. Its not that easy to tell from the side view in Bob's picture but Badger's have a very distinct cranial ridge,personally i would say fox skull. Stupidly just realised stubbys and the first picture arent the same animal,thought they were,first one does look like a Badger.
  4. Things would be easier if people used names.just looked that way,atb steve.
  5. Rodsmith your first post is after mine i didn't mean you pal it wasn't there, Lots of people are having a pop at somebody just not sure who?
  6. Anybody aiming anything at me by any chance?
  7. Them cubs will starve now,hope youre proud mate.
  8. Posts like this allways set alarm bells ringing for me, anti's would like to get hunting dogs classed as dangerous animals,if anyone offered the dog in question a home it would be like saying "we dont care if its likely to bite kids,so long as it hunts" a slippery slope in my opinion. If you are genuine fair play for trying to help the dog,if you are an anti trying it on, my daughter used to dress up my working terriers in dolls clothes and sleep in the basket with it sometimes,no need for dangerous tempraments at all. steve.
  9. Liam Like i said you wouldn't need to be sherlock to work certain things out,i dont think you read it properly,either that or staffies can live for 30 yrs,thats not all just a single point, It didn't get off the first page without baiting being mentioned,bit of difference between a 14lb terrier and a fekin bulldog imo. I honestly think the anti's post on things like that to egg people on to post worse and worse sh.t,if telling them what went on makes you feel better to rub their nose in it thats your right. The truth is the bull lads got it banned for the rest of us,if a crowd
  10. Disagree with you there digger this isnt an argument , i just see no comparison between the pre 73 thread and some of the others you mentioned. i knew when i started the thread there might be a limited response but as it happens i was humbled by the response..lads that were actually around in them days took the time to write (rarely happens on here )and some very mature replies void of all the silly slobber you get week in week out like some of the threads in recent days on the terrier section.yours novice. Chip The problem i have with the 73 thread was to much info being put on a
  11. To be honest ive seen bad advise on here from some of the people who are complaining about replies,and in my opinion Liam the pre 73 thread was the most damageing thread ive ever seen along with the bullcross fiasco I dont think the problem is the novice who ask's a stupid/obvious question is at fault really,i think its the people who attempt to answer them even though they dont have a clue about the subdject,in which case you will get shot down or whats the point in forum's? Ive made some pretty bold statements in a few posts and defended them,thing is ive finished and can say what i
  12. If you are saying doubling is a bad idea and claiming to never have done it how do you know? There's sense in Valero's post,exept the "not up for it part" i suspect some of the posters here only work earth tubes,and in that situation it is pointless,rock scree and piles of scrap are different, a single dog and fox can go round and round all day,but never 2 bitchs or 2 dogs and not if they go tight. All mine were very proven and started on their own when young,dont mix pups and adults or you will be very sorry.
  13. Agree with both posts 100%, I think the question is "why do we need new housing" its mostly a case of catering for people who shouldn't be here in the first place imo, Some common sense needs injecting into the whole situation,personally i think weve lost enough of our heritage to keep other people happy.
  14. I dont think it would make much difference working him with the terriers,i mainly go out alone and mine thinks its a spaniel as well. One thing i do like is her "pointing" she marks game in cover like a bird dog,very handy for the catty Pretty good at finding in the open as well,did it today in fact. Expecting good things this coming season. rgds steve
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