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  1. hi there, i recently got a puma 22r. i already had a harris swivel bipod, the bipod attaches to my other rifle (cz 452 17hmr )fine using the qd stud but trying to fit to the same stud on the puma it doesn't tighten up on the fore end. the puma is a lot slimmer than the cz. has anyone else had the same problem and can suggest a remedy. possibly a harris adapter is needed? thanks in advance guys - ryan, cornwall
  2. i got myself a large ex arm rucksack. think its arount 70/80ltrs. wasn't cheep, round £50 but its perfect. fits nets, plenty of decoys, flask cartridges... its also waterproof and has external zips to attach extra pockets. another great feature is that it has an internal padded metal frame to keep the back of it flat and comfortable on youf back when carrying.
  3. never mind the facebook message, i found ya

  4. Hi guys, This might seem a silly question but I'm not much of a game keeper. What do you feed pheasants? Is it wheat, barley...? The shoot I'm a member of has lost alot of birds this year & I have a feeling it might be down to the feed being used. Also the birds that are there are very small with no fat & empty crops. Any suggestions? Cheers guys
  5. Hi there I want to know what paint to use on some old decoys? I've got some old mallard decoys, one drake & one hen, both feeding (ass in the air style!) Colours aren't an issue but I was wondering what is the best type of paint to use considering the abuse they will get? Any advice would be a great help Cheers guys
  6. I have a pair of le chamaeu verzanoid wellies & they are brilliant I can't fault them. Warm feet is always a good thing!
  7. I got 1 a few years ago for rabbit shooting where shotguns are too noisy & I can fault it. Ok it's no BSA or daystate but it's a fraction of the cost. I got mine for £115 (I think) & scope with mounts was another £50 - £60. Although you could get 1 cheaper. I put rws pellets through it & it is consistant. I would say if you can afford it though that I wish I wud of got a better second hand gun instead, or forking the extra cash for a pcp. I had a go on a BSA super10 & what a toy that is!
  8. Going out later to get this years batch of sloe berries, every year I make the mixture slightly different & I've never been dissapointed. What are your favourite recipies, methods? Do you find freezing the sloes first gives you a better end product? Cheers
  9. Really enjoyable day, my first ever go with a competition clay set up which was fun. The mrs liked it to, which is always a bonus
  10. Yeah I did but I use my phone to go online so can't get em up, I'll see if I can sort it out
  11. Went decoying earlier, on freshly cut stubbles. Had 12 half shell decoys. Was there no more than 2 & a half hours & had 18 woodies & 12 crows. It's the first proper outing I've been on & I'm surprised how well it turned out! Looking forward to going again!
  12. Just been fishing for macrel & they was 1 all day? I'm sure this time of year u can't miss em! We g did have plenty of gar fish so not a total waste of time. We were in Newquay. Has [NO TEXT TALK] else had a lack of fish?
  13. I used to work with alot of sound systems & I have tried some of the electronic in ear protection for that Market, which I can say is very effective. They work in exactly the same way & I think are alot cheaper! I can't remember the name of them but I know for a fact they sell them on www.htfr.co.uk (I think that's the right address if not just google htfr I hope this helps
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