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  1. ...............................................................
  2. excellant condition wooden stock baikal single barrel 90 subsonic shells COLLECTION from Essex £ 200 no offers
  3. Not a lot you could do, I suppose. But I wouldnt brag about killing a cub ,personally. I may of, if my dogs had killed an adult male.
  4. the spots on that cat are very clear ! (female cub) Personally I would not brag about killing a cougar cub ON A PUBLIC FORUM but each to there own . Ive been on a few cougar hunts and never witnessed, a cub being killed .due to ethical houndsman. Ive actually caught a cougar cub, in a lynx set before by accident and gladly released it (foot hold trap). COWBOY do not assume that people from overseas, have not been places!. your obviously young and maybe when you get a little older you might understand von, on 11 May 2015 - 12:06 AM, said: You still miss the point... young female yes... spots no... caught in the desert with sight hounds yes.. You have no clue about the lion population or how we hunt them here in the desert... If Canada is your only experience with lions you have no clue what goes on in the desert or the lions in the desert.. tell me the dog men you know that run lions in the dirt in the desert..please when you know nothing keep your opinion to yourself it only makes you look stupid lol
  5. YOUR WRONG COWBOY I lived in northern canada for many years and worked my own trapline. I KNOW A COUGAR CUB WHEN I SEE ONE most dog men that i knew, would never kill a female cougar or a cub.
  6. Hi my jills are in season and was hopeing to borrow a hob to mate . im near colchester all the best Dan
  7. TOPMAN thanks mate very pleased with the gun Dan
  8. well done for killing the cougar cub ! the cat still has spots
  9. im looking for a pedretti or baikal .410 im in essex Thanks
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