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    wangin dogs arta moter & catchin some tackell ladd tha noz r it guz haha
  1. dennis mi legs av got more pasty on em than all ur dogs put 2geva

  2. seem a few videos with hog huntin most have a few hounds t hunt it then a big bull type to lugg the hog then they stick with a big fekin knife
  3. haha i no they must be scared of the power of my pomerainian x
  4. used to be a meet up york with all the lurcher lads its was a funny old do are we havin it this year???
  5. larners a divvy man hahaha

  6. dos any one no were the boxing day meet in york area is were all lurcher lads go havent been in a few years cant remember were abouts it is
  7. get some muck & claret on it hahahaha
  8. What happened to jeppi rocky1? jeppis a cyber hunter & dont like the cold weather every 1 rand tarn knows about it hahahaha
  9. black 1 seen some tackle by looks of it the dont look like that through jacking!!!
  10. lets get sum propper grafters put up 4 lads to see what dogs looked like [bANNED TEXT] there was no ban
  11. errr you just answered your own question didn't you , their impressive if your easily impressed yeh but at the end of the day you dont see collie xs and all the others screwing quite as many of old charlie boy (pre.ban) in 1 night as a good old bull x though do we and for your information not all bull xs r slow and too heavy i have seem some goliaths of dogs that can proper boogie my mate had a bitch that was as strong as a tank but when it came to running she had more wind than a hurracain and when she caught old charlie boy he dident last 2 seconds in her jaws (pre.ban) at the end of
  12. give them both a hiding your the boss and there shouldent be any fighting because one or both will end up causing something serious
  13. im starting to think big zook is the kinder man that would rather f**k a rabbit than lamp it big zook why dont you just f**k off and join a knitting forum insted of a hunting one all the guy & gals alike know that its each to there own on here some like bull xs some like collie xs some mite even like dingo xs but one thing we all have in common is we dont like f*****g antis so take your tree loving rabbit f*****g self to the peta web site and join up 4 the petting zoo forum old love
  14. Good on the police 4 doing their job.Been called out lots of times for lampers and could be doing better things.Most lampers round here are 2 bit tinkers,no rabbits then we`ll pinch your quad and nick 200gal of fuel. you f*****g gay are you some kind of anti
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