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  1. They'd be on it like a shot then matey, police just don't seem to care
  2. Really peeeves me off to see things like this, hopefully the F****R is found and beaten to a pulp, B******S aint they -.-
  3. got a strong stuff's slip lead quality equipment
  4. no trouble here all well
  5. I'll have a think but my dad is good friends with the local gunsmith I do clays with him too so i'll see whats up with it first matey
  6. dads taking it down to the gunsmiths tomorrow, gonna see how much it costs to do, we're both clueless with air rifles, if it costs too much just keep it in the cabinet, wouldn't mind a s410 Trev
  7. ive got a 12g and a hw 35 but thats not the point, this was my first gun, and i'd like to preserve it
  8. Oh right, not gonna lie i'm no gun smith and wont' have a clue
  9. Went out today to shooting some feral pigeons that are a problem for my friends father on his farm, 15 pigeons down, go to cock my brake barrel SMK BS 19 .22 and the barrel goes so its pointing down but wont go the 45 degrees to the stock (where it should compress the spring) drove home, took the stock off and still couldn't ascertain what was wrong, does anyone have any advice/help Many Thanks In Advance Trev
  10. not too far away then , nice pups, would of had one, but my mums admiment no more dogs :L
  11. good idea. What about raising money for the aRSePCA? Cant believe nobody has clocked this, but the idea of charity from THL is a goodn Trev
  12. Ain't that just the question, God knows how he did that!!! Ain't that just the question, God knows how he did that!!! Makes you wonder though eh'
  13. holly shix how did he swallow that and go round him without causing damage D:
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