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    catching the unusual

    i brought my lurcher for a walk yesterday around a lake i let her off the lead and she was running around then she ran round the corner and caught a duck lying there good thing no1 was there only me and my m8t. i would just like 2 know if any of ur dogs caught anything unusual before except raabits,foxes n rats
  2. young_hunter

    catching the unusual

    ha some good stories and some stuff caught i never even seen or heard off before
  3. young_hunter

    pup to jump

    well my dog can be the same shes a whippet x collie only 22" but she can jump when she like 2 jump this is what i do leave her there and walk on a small bit then she comes no prob
  4. young_hunter

    !!!!DOG THIEFS!!!!

    yea alot of dogs going missing im my area all the lurchers and greyhounds from the animal foundation were robbed my m8ts dog was robbed as well bu he got it bak in very bad condition heres a site were some dogs that get robbed do be put up 4 sale www.donedeal.ie
  5. young_hunter

    hi all

    hi all only new 2 the site but i know how 2 use forums by the way im in2 lamping with dogs im only 15 and i have 1 dog
  6. young_hunter

    lazy or stupid

    e never tried 2 dig up a fox but what is the proper way 2 do it and where do u usually find fox dens because there is alot of foxes out my way
  7. young_hunter

    lurcher toe problem

    something like that happened 2 1 of my m8ts dogs. he brought him 2 the vet it was a broken toe it cost €70 2 fix and he had 2 leave the dog off for 3 weeks
  8. young_hunter

    best lamp

    im getting a new lamp this week i was told 2 get a lightforce 170 with a dimmer it costs around €200 inc battery
  9. young_hunter

    White Dogs

    i got a white and black lurcher bitch she dosent seem 2 scare any rabbits away just go out on a good windy night and u wont have 2 worry about scareing any rabbits away
  10. young_hunter

    Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones

    roy jones 2 win not sure if it will be stopped but i think calzage is well over rated now he is 2 old 2 keep on goin
  11. young_hunter

    new lamp

    how much would a lamp wit a battery be that u can turn the beame force up and down
  12. young_hunter

    new lamp

    here is a site in england http://opticswarehouse.co.uk/products.asp?cat=173
  13. young_hunter

    young hunters

    im 15 aswell bu nt a girl haha
  14. young_hunter

    young hunters

    im 15 aswell bu nt a girl haha