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  1. 3 hours ago, NEWKID said:

    I've never had everyone on my house laid up in one hit before... everyone is wiped... now is it worse than flu, I've no idea, is it worse than a common cold.. id say yes...but I've not had all of us wiped at one time with either of them...

    Its obviously extremely contagious.... I dont believe my PCR result as my symptoms are identical, but I'm up and on the laptop working... Mrs is fast asleep again...

    I've known of a couple of deaths now, one an ex partner of my cousin who was early 50s and as far as I know no other health issues....

    I've said all along its luck of the draw, it is so erratic and for any of us to make the "right" call is nigh on impossible...

    I will take some notice of medical professionals as that is what they are paid to do, I think my Mrs should have her booster..I may as well....I dont think my kids will need a jab, they are young and fit and should bounce back from this and hopefully have some immunity in the future...

    But I'm only guessing like everyone else

    £50 will get them an antibody test mate so you will know if they are protected 👍

  2. 19 minutes ago, OldPhil said:

    "I was walking a pup I had in the valleys and happened into a chap who was shooting a bit close to me, to warn me away from walking near a field or whatever, so I went over to chat as he was shouting at me lol. Turns out he was the local go to guy to have a dog shot, and told stories of dogs being shot on the lead unexpectedly by their owner etc who didn't want to witness the deed, this although odd to tell a stranger wasn't anything particularly odd, but then told me of his bull X's and how his best bitch spat a fox at 9 years old and had been a solid dependable dog her whole life but he only kept workers and shot her on the spot. This for me wasn't respecting an animal that had given its life to his entertainment at the end of it, not to even get a last meal, never mind a fireside retirement. Not for me .."


    🤔I've met several, similar types,...some of these guys spend, literally thousands of pounds, on a specific type...

    Money is no object to these men,...they have a passion which possibly borders upon obsession...🙄

    One felleh I encountered, had the most beautiful and seemingly, capable running dog composites,...I used to watch them grow from fat pups into the consummate adult canine athletes.

    They were fabulous creatures,...unbelievably fabulous.👏

    I never quite got over the situation when I would visit the guy a few months later and the crop had been replaced, by fresh blood,.some adults and some untried saplings.

    The gorgeous originals were always gone....and I do mean,.gone😉

    I've put a few dogs to ground myself, over the last 60 years,.but nothing on the scale of these perfectionists...

     To me, the culling of a promising young tyke always seemed a bit of a waste....

    Obviously, not all dogs that are required to fulfil a particular task, will make the cut,...we all have failures ,...but feck me...every time..surely not🙄 I have frequently mentioned this apparently essential search, for the ultimate canine to such lads and generally they give me a queer old look, almost bordering upon pity....

    "Its all about standards mate,...its all about standards,...You wouldn't understand...."

    Well, maybe not,.but all I know is that one can go through a whole lot of jukels to obtain this wonderous world beater.

    I have often thought,...is it really worth all the pain and heartache....?

    In truth I do not understand,..and as I look down at my happy and contented, roustabout 'rabbiting curs',..

    I know, that in reality,..the truth of the matter is,..I don't really want to understand....😉

    Stay safe now Brothers,..all the best, OldPhil.🙏

    img Scans199.jpg

    The truth of it is these types of people are chasing Elysium and will never be happy with what’s in their kennel … they are not true dog men that can work around a dogs quirks and get the best out of it they want perfection and spend a lifetime chasing it only to realise when they’ve made old bones that there is no such thing  ……

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  3. 12 minutes ago, jackthelad said:

    i was in a cafe few weeks back a  young pregnant women came in without a mask...a lorry driver standing next to her asked her why no mask...she went absolutey tonto at him went and got her man out the car they had an argument in the middle of the cafe anyway lorry driver said theres a big car park out there wee man we go sort it anyway the lassies man shat his pants....but this vax anti vaxx mask no mask getting silly now do whats right for you and yours iv had both jabs so have the lads i work with most the anti vaxxers iv met i wouldnt give the time of day to anyway flat earthers 

    Are they anti Vaxers or just anti this vax …..

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