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  1. 14 minutes ago, MagyarAgar said:

    Goat milk definitely contains lactose. Maybe you can buy lactose free goat milk.

    Hard to make cheese without some kind of sugar…

    Agreed I should have said contains a lot less lactose than cows milk. The point I was trying make was it doesn’t scour dogs. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Forager69 said:

    I'm sure that bone meal has recommendations for pups?

    Pups don’t need bonemeal if their on a good balanced diet. But if you want to feed it as has been said less is better than more. And just one other thing to remember is that the bonemeal you see in garden centres etc is not for feeding to dogs. You need the food grade stuff. 

  3. 57 minutes ago, sandymere said:

    Don't over do calcium,  causes more harm than good. 

    Adult dogs can  control calcium level when healthy but pups can't and to much causes abnormal bone growth. A normal diet should  supply plenty. 

    Absolutely spot on I had a lurcher pup many years ago that had to much calcium which caused hollow spots in her bones. They were very painful and took a month of cage rest to cure. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, D Lloyd said:

    What's people's appineons on feeding young pups on feeding cows milk goats milk or jest mixing lactol powder in water

    For weaned pups goats milk is best as it contains no lactose which is what scours dogs. For pups that are not weaned and can’t feed of the bitch then you need to use the correct puppy formula. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Bangersanmash said:

    If your meaning water in the bowl there's water in the top bowl Kenneth about an inch.  Just that I'm not daft to fill the bowl to the top for a 10 week old pup to be playing abart end up with a kitchen full of water or should I say pups area full of water. But at least you've been heard your little rant for day on the HTL 

    Whoosh 😂

  6. 1 hour ago, Ferretman65 said:

    Good for you socks 👏 if your first cross patterdals whippets are killing rabbits running across open ground iam glad for you 👍 But the Bottom line is these wee type off Dogs will not have the legs for it let's be truefull here lads even for lamp you will be hoping to catch one specially 60 or 70 yard slips but as I said before each to there own I have first x Wheaton whippets and first x beddy whippet and they struggle with rabbits in open fields all the best 👍 

    Who said mine were first cross …..

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