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    Shooting-gundogs and mk2 escorts !!!
  1. lol , 49,000 members surley someone can help
  2. AdamHall

    Barbour Gaiters

    any pics bud
  3. Hi folks can anyone help im after an info on grouse shooting on the mores around buxton keepers details etc id be very interested in going and doing some beating for them if anyone can help id be very greatfull also any details of any moors after beaters derbyshire yorkshire way glossop idealy as its not to far from me
  4. AdamHall

    17 hmr for sale

    Any pics mate
  5. AdamHall

    Silver Pigeon Or B725

    all down to individual taste ive got 2 silverpigeons 12 and 20 bore so for me beretta just think they are a betterlooking gun for the money and i like the way they shoot not to say theres anything wrong with brownings its just a case of trying both but do bare in mind gun fit when trying somebody elses gun as one might fit better so feel better but either way you carnt go wrong with either and when youve got a beretta bought (lol only kiding ) get it fitted properly buy a gunsmith
  6. AdamHall

    Staffordshire firearms fac ??

    have rang them now with option 5 straight through thanks , its now been passed on to the fao who will contact me in due course but still no time as to when any ideas how long that normally takes thanks folks youve been most help full
  7. Well i applied for my fac approx 14-18 weeks ago and im yet to hear anything from them my cheque was cashed soon as it was sent and at the time my references had missed a few parts on there forms so they were semt back to them to be completed and sent back which they did as soon as they got them back since then nothing , now i was going to just give the firearms department a ring just to see how things were going and just a rough idea of time i know i did this when i put in for my shotgun years ago and wasnt a problem , now ive tried ringing them but its just an ortamated line that lops back round and tells you nothing of any use other than the weighting time is approx 12 weeks so that a load of junk and ive also tried e-mailing them but the e-mail address doesnt seem to work either so has anyone had any dealing with them recently with regard putting in for an fac and how long did it take , does anyone have anyy contct details or any info on times or anything would be great
  8. AdamHall

    Cheshire roe

    lol love that statement like that way of thinking !!!
  9. AdamHall

    Spaniel tv program

    any ideas when this is next on have had a look but carnt find anything
  10. AdamHall

    20 bore

    Hi mate very interested will get in touch when i get back from work thanks Adam
  11. AdamHall

    Beretta Silverpigeon 20g

    Hi mate any moe info where about in wales are you , chokes, barrel length etc and a load of pics would be nice aswell showing the damage as well thanks Adam
  12. AdamHall

    How put put land on fac form

    Brilliant mate thanks really appreciate your help on this mater thanks Adam
  13. AdamHall

    How put put land on fac form

    I dont have any permission letters you see , the farmer lets who ever the keeper want shoot on there ie me so as the keeper has the shooing rights the farmer has very little to do with any shooting activaties apart from being notified when someones up there shooting so do i need a permission form with him as the land owner of from the keeper as the holder of the shooing rights is it just a case the farm address and the keepers details to contact and put some thing like i keeper holder of shooting rights on said farm grant me permission to control pest species on said ground signed and dated buy th keeper ???or land owner or both ??
  14. AdamHall

    How put put land on fac form

    So main land address with the keepers contact details and and enclose the other farm address on a seperate peice of paper ??