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  1. the land we have is full of rabbit there is to much for 3 of us to cover a couple of pics from last season we ferret/lamp/shoot and fly goshawks for every one we get 2 more seem to appear
  2. the smooth dog is 3/4 whippet 1/4 russell the rough bitch is whippet/beddy x grey they are young dogs 2 year olds 1st real season but they are sharp
  3. first outing of the season produced a few today ended up with 54 so pretty busy, 2 knocked old boys and 2 even more knackered dogs done 1 wood today prepped it dury the week cutting back and raking paths for the long nets had 375 yards out missed very little today and not much digging either as im to fat & old to be at that game looking forward to next week
  4. looking for a keen youngster newcomer or someone who wants to get into ferreting to join us i can pick you up anywhere in hemel if you have no transport if you have ferrets or a well behaved stock brocken dog bring them along we have 12500+ acres of permission from bedfordshire upto lincolnshire drop me a message cheers bunter
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    any ferret kits for sale in the herts/bucks/beds area thanks


    - GB

  6. wanted a couple of kits in herts/beds/bucks area View Advert any ferret kits for sale in the herts/bucks/beds area thanks Advertiser billybunter Date 17/06/18 Price Category Ferreting Equipment
  7. clearing the garage out got 1 long net if anyone wants to come and collect it they can have it hp3 hemel hempstead its 50 or 100 yards cant remember it will do someone a turn sorry i wont post or deliver it the first person to phone me can have it so long as its picked up with in a couple of days cheers phil 07561 150099
  8. ive just moved back to the uk after 16 years away so have to get back into it,im looking for 2 jills for the coming season can collect within a 30 mile radius of hemel Hempstead herts pm me if you can help me out
  9. as above profesionaly made (not by me) good nets at a good price €2.20 each 10 or more €2.00 each can post at cost upto 17 nets delivery €6.00. upto 36 nets €7.50 postage is for eire only can post to the uk via royal mail as im not far from the border upto 2 kgs standard parcels is £4.41 approx €5.15 for upto 36 nets or pick up in roscommon pm me for more info cheers
  10. i worked at castlerea prison for a couple of years and the grounds are full of rabbits of all colours and a few hares to, was told the the inmates kept rabbits
  11. i got this pup of mick douglas in sept 82 he was out of a bitch called rust, i think rust was bred by someone else ive kept lurchers for nearly 40 years and have not had anything that has come anywhere near this douglas bred dog
  12. had a dodgy chinky last night and is now suffering with the screaming abb dabbs

  13. .Have you a 24lb apb that could bite like a crocodile.I have a Glenn that can. raymond i have a english mastiff that has no fear of anything or anybody but just before xmas it cost me nearly 200 euros of vet bills to injuries caused from one of my 28lb glens and they certainly do bite like a croc
  14. Seems a very strange request from a hunter on open forum There are some videos on the British Pathe website from the time it was legal but it has been illegal in the UK since 1981and we ALL follow that act to the letter =============================== hi i saw some videos on the British Pathe website , i guess they are wheaten terrier , are they glenn of imaal terrier? do you know kennel that work on badger in the world ? what is difference of glenn of imaal and wheaten terrier? Balls and working ability the glen has plenty of balls dont worry about that mushroom
  15. september last 2 years i think look at www.irishsportingglens.com they organise it
  16. tearem id say there is a lot more wheaton blood in them than bull
  17. there common enough here badger, the wife feeds them at the back door and they will eat just about anything from raisens to pizza
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