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  1. Sika £2.45 kilo / Roe £3.00 kilo, 16KG and over / £2.50 Kilo for any roe btween 12 / 16kg
  2. Its a shame you could not have left him until he was in hard antler! he's a cracker. It would have been worth while getting a measure on him going by the length of his brow tines and body weight you explained. Big boy for the borders!
  3. Very Protective Doe A friend of mine was out walking his dog the other week and from nowwhere came a doe charging and trying to butt his dog. As you can see from the video captured by using his phone ( which i apoligise is not the best quality) when some deer have got young they can be very protective.
  4. My dog Fizz! With buck this year.
  5. Looking for some advice! i have a Tika T3 Hunter looking to shorten the barrel, any body any advice on what lenghts to cut it to? or is it bad thing to do, it's just i have an ASE Utra silencer on the gun and it's a fair length.
  6. Looking to change my Pheasant poult supplier this year any idea's on prices for poults yet? I manage a shoot in the Scottish Borders.
  7. Need some tips on training a dog to track deer, my lab bitch is just about to have pup's and i am considering training one of the pups to track deer. Is their any books on the subject? or does anyone have any tips for training etc.
  8. Shot a few deer this week here in the Scottish Borders, some really thin yearlings etc, One really good fat doe though. Minus 15-20 here in the borders last night on top of all the snow etc. This has got to start having a profound effect on deer populations etc. How is the rest of the country fairing? And what condition are the deer in?
  9. He was released from hospital last night, serious dislocation of knee, he will no be going far this new year. Yes Beattie16 / TB, that was us. A wee vid of helicopter taking off with mate in.
  10. Out stalking today with mates, one of them totaly knackered his knee crossing a fence, there was no way we could move him "total agony" good job one of the lads with us is in the mountain rescue and organised the evacuation. The problem was with our location and also snow and the fact my injured mate had been lying for at least an hour in minus conditions,used the GPS on my phone to give cordinates to emergancy services after an hour or so things were going rapidly down hill for him. A couple of us had to go to main road and pick up Paramedics, after assessment and Morphine through itruvenous
  11. Guys in relation to the video you have to remember that the Galpagos Islands has its own unique ecologicol ecosystem, nowhere on this earth will you find the animals present on the islands anywhere else " Darwins giant tortoise etc" so an introduced species by man like feral goats needs to be eradicated quickly before disease / interbreeding etc happens, if thats from a helicopter with sharp shooters so be it! As per Scotland i think the DCS / SNH will think twice before carrying out the slaughter of Red Deer (Glenfeshie Estate) by helicopter, the bad publicity they recieved afterwards nev
  12. Anybody any news of the Sika rut starting? Always been told it kicks off with the first frost, can't be long now?
  13. Ali mac is right, about five years ago i lost almost 100 poults to Gos in two weeks , (THE ULTIMATE KILLNG MACHINE) when it comes to Pheasants, the worst case scenario when it comes to Gos kills on poults is the stress on the birds that survive, not only did i lose roughly a hundread poults i had to treat them from cocidoses their after. I know now when i enter a pen if a Gos has been, you will not hardly see a bird and when you start looking they have the fear off death in them, i have even had to pull poults out of rabbit holes that have been trying to hide from the Gos. Buzzards / Spa
  14. No, the tine was stuck between the cornets.
  15. Well done Foxdropper, must have been a great experiance for you. Superb!
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