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  1. Sponge Bob

    Vehicle Lamp

    Hello I'm thinking about fitting a vehicle lamp (Lightforce) to my 4x4, I've heard a few good/bad points about them. Has anyone had problems with them leaking? Whats best 150mm handle or 170mm as well?
  2. Sponge Bob


    I've got some of these HERE , pricey but there a decent sock, just like the various hiking ones you get everywhere
  3. Sponge Bob


    Who is pegandgun? I've heard he used to be into snaring but has now retired and is past his best... Can't the likes of Glen & Woodga show him the light.
  4. Sponge Bob

    4x4 Gun Rack

    Anyone recommend a good 4x4 gun rack, generic one or to fit defender. Cheers
  5. Sponge Bob


    How do members who use the fenn mk VI go about preventing non target species and dogs sticking their noses where they shouldn't being caught when setting the trap in the mouth of a bury. Something so simple as a couple of small branches or using other methods that don't hinder the trap operation?
  6. Sponge Bob


    Do you think stoats have a big impact on rabbit numbers in areas were stoats are common? I've recently saw six in separate areas of the farm working small warrens, the rabbit numbers are down slightly, but mxy has crept in as well.
  7. Has anyone used the PAC collars, if so what are they like?
  8. Sponge Bob

    1st rats

    Nice bit of ratting there lads.
  9. Sponge Bob

    washin line

    Don't tell the welsh boys they like a BaaaBra with a difference.
  10. Sponge Bob

    washin line

    Tartan hat Billy, is that your poaching headwear , must be some strong washing line holding the weight of that nice buck
  11. Sponge Bob

    Earth Dog Running Dog

    Why have two sites been set up with the same name, edrd .com and .org, weird if you ask me
  12. Question for members. Do you believe in crossing working terrier breeds or would you prefer to keep them as pure blood?
  13. Sponge Bob

    Another Newbie

    Hello Tom, nice to have you aboard.
  14. Sponge Bob

    Saluki Crosses

    Just wondering how many on the site hunt with saluki crosses, what do they like and dislike about them as a worker, and what quarry you work them to, as from what I see some people use them for more than just coursing.
  15. Sponge Bob

    dogs n fox

    Some livestock killing vermin bumps into the wrong mouths