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  1. is your dog in the profile pic from john mate? as he is a spit of mine cheers baz
  2. I won't ask anyone to kennel my terrier as things happen to terriers of this standard when doing there job! Thanks for replying the bitch is being picked up so just the dog now
  3. Due to having to go into hospital on the 15th of next month!! I have made the disition to get rid of my terriers as I won't have them sit in a pen and wait for me... I have a black dog and chocolate bitch both 100% digging dogs Black dog is coming up to 4 years old and this is his 3rd season doing his job!! He is bred by foxy john who is the terrier man from the romley marsh hunt. The bitch will be 3 in June and this is her second proper season she is bred by myself from worker to worker witch spans back 15+ years I am looking for £500 each There is a trail with both terriers..... but no
  4. Just wondering if anyone has a vauxhall frontera they are breaking and wanted to sell me there airflow?? needs to be around the Y reg! Cheers baz
  5. Have I ever met you for you to know so much about me and my dogs mate?? as for 2 litters I've got a 6 month old pup and a 16 month old pup so your right I have had 2 litters out of 2 different bitches witch both work hard that's the thing When you WORK your terriers you never know how long your going to have the good 1's for as the dogs I keep stay till dug whatever the punishment!!!!
  6. What the f••k has no 1 got anything better to do than ruin other people's posts on here..... I've got the father to these pups and I've only bred 1 litter this year and as for digging we do more than most on this site hence why I have 7 terriers 5 working and 2 pups ready for next season I no my breeding right back to the great great great grandmother and stick to what I no as it works and only go else where when needed how many others can say this???
  7. Still got chocolate dog and black bitch left both strong healthy pups
  8. patterdale pups 10 weeks old strong healthy pups, these pups are bred to work from 2 hard working earth dogs witch have been tested time and time again for over 4 seasons pm me for more info and pics of pups im from kent and im looking for £250 each
  9. Cheers son still got 2 dogs and a bitch left
  10. tried putting photo's up but its saying they are to large so if you send me your email addess by pm or phone number i will send them that way cheers baz
  11. patterdale pups blacks and chocolates theses pups are breed from loyal hard working parents with both dogs being dug to regualarly for past 4 season!! there are dogs and bitches left they are 8 weeks old on 27/5/2012 i am looking for £250 a pup im based in kent near brands hatch i will get pics up soon of pups pm me for more details
  12. thank you with the emails i will ring the man at the weekend cheers!!
  13. thanks mate but i have done all that and now think its time to have [bANNED TEXT] who knows what there doing have a look lol
  14. does anybody know where i can get my 2 mk1 boxes serviced? i have a bell@flint but still like to use the ones i was brought up on in shallow earths, my 2 boxes seem to be mucking around abit, any info would be most welcome!!!
  15. i have photos of britmore dogs from the 70s that was sent down south.dads best mate had dogs guest
  16. picture of the bitch after a couple of hours lamping last seasonFRAME.HTM
  17. the bitch is 26" takes hare deer and fox (pre ban) and bags of rabbits on the lamp. she is breed out of m,parish dog lucky to a very good hare bitch from leicester, witch has won many single and double up competitions on the fens. the Sire stands 25" and is a very fast hare dog with plenty of wind out of gary dickinsons and alistair ritchies lines, breed for own use only got 2 dogs left.
  18. i have for sale some very well breed pups from top coursing lines. p.m for details and phone number
  19. Go and have a night on the beer,your money will be better spent.
  20. i have just read through the posts properly and relised how sad some of the people on this web site really are!
  21. sorry about my post yesterday, i was halfway through putting it up and we had a powercut. The red pup is for sale again, sold it friday, went and got it back yesterday because i found out the man enters his terriers and doesn't dig to them and previous pups from the same parents are showing they need to be dug to and are being dug to regular, we was going to keep him because of timewasters before, but we havent got time to bring him on due to haveing other young dogs just starting, he is 4 1/2 months old and he has been jab. pm for details (cheers r2 its only took me 2 hours to write this)
  22. i have just been given my red pup
  23. had 4 out from under a small concrete slab a few years ago first 1 bolted was had by lurcher the second hit a net and locked on to KANES hand the other 2were drawed out by terriers
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