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    shooting..obviously, skiing, rugby, driving (anything to do with cars) the odd bit of fishing.
  1. arveyboy

    full reloading kit

    Frankford Quick n EZ tumbler (never been used) there is almost £600 worth of reloading equipment here all in an as new state. If u want to buy the whole lot ill sell you the whole package for £300. BARGAIN. if, for example you want everything but the reloading dies ill sell it for £260. feel free to ask any questions
  2. arveyboy

    full reloading kit

    lee hand held priming tool powder funnel forster chamfer and deburring tool lee primer pocket cleaner lee zip trim redding boss press
  3. arveyboy

    full reloading kit

    im selling my reloading kit because i dont have time to use it anymore. all of it is in mind condition or is brand new and unused. ideally id like to sell the whole kit but i will sell individual parts. just email me on jackharvey13@hotmail.com or call jack on 07525858331 (if i dont answer leave a message my phone is a bit temperamental) redding reloading dies .243 with .243 shellholder no.2 4x50 ammo boxes lyman flash hole uniforming tool redding model no.2 powder scale rcbs bullet puller electronic calipers
  4. If anyones interested im selling my remington sps dm .243 on guntrader. i no longer have the time to justify keeping it. http://www.guntrader.co.uk/GunsForSale/110510152239422 feel free to drop me a call or email me if you have any questions. atb, jack
  5. arveyboy

    remington 700 sps dm .243

    unfortunately i no longer have the time available to justify keeping my remington .243. Although it was a fantastic buy ive only had the time to fire between 30 and 40 rounds through it. In that time i was able to achieve under 1/2 inch groupings at 100 yards so it shoots well. i have an ad up on http://www.guntrader.co.uk/GunsForSale/110510152239422 Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call and we can discuss a price atb, jack
  6. i know a few of you use this combination and ive been away from home for ages so ive only just procured it. is it odd that it took almost 4 months for my local dealer to stock some hornady 87g bthp's? anyway ive got varget and those because i know a few of you on here use it to great effect so what combinations do you use? cheers, jack
  7. arveyboy


    hi mate, im over oundle way. the local Feo is a good bloke. i get the impression however his boss does anything she can to prevent the open usage of firearms because ive had centrefire for over a year now, done a fair bit of shooting with it and they still wont give me an open cert. but oh well, very friendly and quick with the paperwork. atb with the move, jack
  8. arveyboy

    another 2 Foxes bite the dust

    nicely done mate
  9. seriously, when did it become a problem for people to post pictures after theyve been out hunting. this is what this forum is about, sharing your interests and stories with like minded people, so why has everyone suddenly become obsessed with a whos got the biggest c*ck contest. it never used to be half as bad as this a year ago so why now? if people want to post pictures then what exactly is the problem, the only people looking to go off on one are the people who purposefully look on the thread then decide to comment saying blar blar blar, ur a :wankerzo4: IF YOU DONT LIKE SEEING PICTURES ON A THREAD, DONT LOOK AT THE THREAD rant over
  10. arveyboy

    fox cub before and after update

    ignoring all the bullshit about dog men vs shooting men :wallbash: id like to say good job and well managed. it takes a man of great experience to carry out a planned job that well so hats off to you. ignore the ignorant haters.
  11. arveyboy

    still no luck

    i would but im waiting on some hornady 87g bthp bullet heads at the moment so i can work up a load for them. i only use the sst's because they kill and can get just under 1/2 moa at 100 yards which at the moment is perfectly acceptable for me. atb, jack
  12. arveyboy

    still no luck

    its actually number 2 mate...and counting its a feeling like no other, absolutely addictive.
  13. arveyboy

    still no luck

    up this morning at 3:30 got all my kit together and headed out into the dark. arrived at the high seat at around 3:40 picture was taken after i got down when it was getting light anyway sat up and waited, its intriguing listenung to the sound of the woods when nothing else is around. rabbits were hopping around underneath the high seat unaware of me watching over them. just as the sun was coming up a large doe popped out onto the ride to my left around 40 yards away, feeling the excitement building i slowly slid a round into the chamber, that bolt is F****ng noisy when nothing else is happening, and waited for a good shot. she wouldnt stop moving and eventually walked back into the undergrowth. i was not disheartened however as i knew there would be more to come. turned around to look ahead then out of the corner of my eye saw her walk back out again slowly crossing the ride. i took my chance at the last minute as she was ever so slightly quartered and BOOM, even supressed the .243 rang out disturbing everything in the wood. however i'd hit my target and shot her through the heart however the shot must have been slightly forward as there was a fair amount of meat damage on the shoulder . she went straight down, kicked a couple of times then lay still. upon performing the gralloch i noticed the 95g sst had blown a significant hole in her heart. a very happy moi and a strong feeling that wont be the last muntjac shot off that high seat. well worth the lack of sleep
  14. arveyboy

    still no luck

    do you reckon its worth going and sitting out before daylight tomorrow or should i wait?
  15. arveyboy

    still no luck

    to be honest mate its the only free stalking i can get so im more than happy to 'settle' with muntjac. i think the meat is fantastic as well