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    just out of interest does anyone else use live traps for mink?
  2. ilovetoshoot12345

    re blacking gun barrels

    hi guys, my brother does a metal smithing course at college,steel etc. just wondering if theres a cheap way of reblacking barrels becuase the college gets stuff in bulk, how is it done?? might give him the barrels to do, just want to know if its a special proccess or some kind of paint. cheeers
  3. ilovetoshoot12345

    re blacking gun barrels

    just read up on it and its illegal, gonna have to take it to the shops
  4. ilovetoshoot12345

    22 ratshot shells

    Hi all, ive seen these 22 rat shot shells, just wondering if anyone has used them, and whats he lethal range of them? also are they bad for the rifling of the barrel? THANKS
  5. ilovetoshoot12345

    22 ratshot shells

    Hi all, ive seen these 22 rat shells, just wondering if anyone has used them, and whats he lethal range of them? also are they bad for the rifling of the barrel? THANKS
  6. ilovetoshoot12345


    hey guys, just wondering if you can help me with some prices of these roughly because i want to sell them to the pub but not get ripped off. pheasant? duck? rabbit? woodcock? hare? thanks
  7. ilovetoshoot12345

    giving a 22

    thanks alot mate
  8. ilovetoshoot12345

    giving a 22

    Hey guys, girls, my dads thinking of giving me his 22, but were unsure on how to transfer, is it the the same as shotguns write the same as whats on his licence on mine and send a letter to the police telling them weve done it? thanks X
  9. ilovetoshoot12345

    lending a 22

    he lives at a diferent house, but i have a cabinet at my house though, might have to try talking him into letting my have it lol.
  10. ilovetoshoot12345

    lending a 22

    hey guys got my firearms licence in 1 week very happy =) just wondering on the laws on my dad lending me a 22 as he doesnt want to give me it lol, says on the certificate lend etc, does he just write lend or do i have to own a 22?
  11. ilovetoshoot12345

    referee form

    cheers for your help guys =) x
  12. ilovetoshoot12345

    referee form

    hi, ive got my referees to sign the forms but i havent asked them to send them off untill i send off the mian aplication form. (so they all get there at the same day and dont get lost) on section A on the part i fill out, ive filled it in but wrote on the ( for purpose of) i wrote vermin control (rabbit, fox) but crossed out fox becuase im getting a 22 lr which i wouldnt personally use on a fox. my referees do not think it will matter but im a bit worried lol. do you think as i crossed out fox and it looks a bit messy, they might send the forms back and say start again? thanks.
  13. ilovetoshoot12345

    feeding cubs

    kill them before they grow up and become harmfull
  14. ilovetoshoot12345


    one of my freinds is into parachuting and wants me to go with him, it looks a bit risky you have to do a few training sessions first just wondering if anyone knows anything about it and how dangerous is it??
  15. ilovetoshoot12345

    tough rabbit

    thats more likley to be nerves if it is a headshot
  16. ilovetoshoot12345

    Lost a ferret

  17. ilovetoshoot12345

    bigger ferret collar

    heres the hob hope the picture comes out ok
  18. ilovetoshoot12345

    bigger ferret collar

    hi all just wondering if its possible to buy bigger collars for deben ferret finder lol i went out ferreting for the first time on sunday we got 13 rabbits using my 2 jill i was going to try one of my hobs but the collar wont fit round his big neck jst wondering can you get longer collars?? THANKS
  19. ilovetoshoot12345

    bigger ferret collar

    he's quite a big lad i'll try and get a photo on if can work out how using that photobucket thing lol
  20. ilovetoshoot12345

    is it worth it

    on monday i went ferreting with 2 of my jills but i went at 1 till 3 so a bit late? but do you think it would be worthing going early in the morning as round the warrens theres rabbit shit everywhere.
  21. ilovetoshoot12345

    help please

    i bourt an aa s410 a few mounths ago and it only stays in sight at about 20 yards i tried to sight it in at 30 yards and its ok for about 10 shots then it starts firing all over th place. please help
  22. ilovetoshoot12345

    help please

    i use aa hunters and charge it to 190 its fine if i sight it into 20 yards but if i try sight it to 30 its fine for a few shots then it starts going all over the place lol
  23. ilovetoshoot12345

    Jeeeeeeeez what a hakka!!!!!!!

    was a good game, how come jerry collins doesn't play for nz anymore??
  24. ilovetoshoot12345

    lol found this funny

  25. ilovetoshoot12345

    shot guns 16 year old

    Hi there, my brother is 16 and were wondering if on private land can he go out on his own without supervision he been shooting for years and is safe , he has a shotgun certificate. any help will be appreciated thanks