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    cars, bikes, FALCONRY, anything new, my kids, did i mention FALCONRY, shooting (air guns), lamping, RATTING, proberbly the same as most people on here
  1. gsi2000stokie

    Discovery 300Tdi Still For Sale Swap

  2. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/269521-300tdi-discovery-tax-tested-low-miles-stoke-on-trent/#entry2920441 Looking for golf or bora tdi
  3. gsi2000stokie

    300tdi discovery tax tested low miles (stoke on trent)

    BUMP! Mot till June, tax end march,
  4. gsi2000stokie

    lets see some off roaders

    yeah I built it, id hope for around 1300, I've seen some the same do 2000 and they're right heaps, this was built with safety in mind, I paid 300 for the seat, the same as NASCAR use, Not after selling it are you mate? Will be
  5. gsi2000stokie

    lets see some off roaders

    bet that can shift Goes orate! It's stripped at the minute being painted, new panels reworked, and need carbs sorting, be for sale after New Years,
  6. gsi2000stokie

    lets see some off roaders

    Edge sidewinder, GSX 600 engine,
  7. Got a lady needs some rats sorting in her small holding, keeps valuable bantams. air rifles, dogs or traps, or all, let me know if your in that area via reply to topic no pms, Cheers,
  8. gsi2000stokie

    300tdi discovery tax tested low miles (stoke on trent)

    no ya mate, if it were turbo I may have, after a golf really
  9. 300tdi just covered 100k which is very low for an early 1997, tax till march mot may I think, boot floor solid due to have no rear sun roof, sills been welded and inner arches are beginning to show their age but this is by far a rust bucket, roof lining is a bit saggy but a can of fabric spray glue will sort it, clean tidy interior, boot carpet bit dirty as expected, 7 seats, runs 100% spot on, no crunchy gears, all electrics work as they should apart from intermittent wipers which are bit iffy, some history upto 80k but I have changed plugs, oil and coolant myself in February, had new clutch fitted @ 97k, new battery in feb, and there's no oil leaks either! NONE! Honest! £1400ono Any Q's please ask, via PM, Located stoke on trent,
  10. gsi2000stokie

    Nu tool wood lathe

    Good working order, hardly used, unfortunately no tools with it, £100 stoke on Trent Or swap petrol bull horned strimmer
  11. Some tat collector nicked the roof and front posts so you'll need to get a roof and use some steel box for the front posts as I did, it's approx size is 8x8+ Stoke on Trent Offers?
  12. gsi2000stokie

    weed killer {burns}

    Oh yeah, you better get a good supply of high factor sun cream, it's pretty much the only thing that's going to help ya when it's calmed down, if ya get owt like that again, just spray it with roundup 450 or even better, full suit, rubber gloves which cover ya wrist, eye protection and full face shield, and wellies, then inject the shit, when it's dead, collect it up (wearing all the same stuff) and burn the shit, and chuck a load of grass seed down, then do the same again the year after, IF it comes back.
  13. gsi2000stokie

    weed killer {burns}

    That's what it is then mucker, go back the doctors, the sapp from hog weed makes your skin photo sensitive which means when ever your skin in exposed to sun light your going to blister were ever the sap has touched you, it's bad stuff, should be injected like knot weed or sprayed, NEVER strimmed, I would kick your mate in his Ina knackers cos now even I tiny bit of sun your going to blister, it could last a few weeks or it could last a few years, all depends, you need to get yourself refered to a dermatologist ASAP, I can't even explain how bad the shit is,
  14. gsi2000stokie

    weed killer {burns}

    Have you strimmed any giant hog weed at all?