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  1. Cadders

    Terrier kennel/run

    What is the best size for a Terrier kennel/run?? Thanks in advance
  2. Cadders

    Pup Injection

    I dont mind paying, but when you have a stuck up vet who pulled face at docked tail makes it hard
  3. Cadders

    Pup Injection

    After a couple of pup Injections, If anybody can help? Can be vouched for off other members off site Cheers
  4. Cadders


    I had pauls dog patch, white lakey/russel type. Paul was a cracking bloke,
  5. Cadders

    Old Patt Site

    BUMP!!! Anybody help please? also a lad called Mark both grimsby
  6. After a black rough coated well bred pup if anybody can help please, been looking for a while with no success Thanks in advance
  7. Cadders

    fao hbg

    Cracking pups Really like the black and white
  8. Cadders

    Old Patt Site

    Anyone got the contact details of Rocks off old patt site PM me of course if you have! Just getting back into terriers, lost his number though Cheers in advance
  9. Cadders

    After a bloke

    After a bloke I nought a bitch off, off here a few years ago, cant remember his name, memory like a sive Its was a russel/white lakey type bitch was called amy when I bought her, Hes from scotch corner, and keeps russel/white lakey types, just wondering wether your him, or no of him
  10. Cadders


    Paul was a top bloke, had his russel type patch in the kennel for a while, stupidly hard terrier, he was at Kidiminster(spell) at the time
  11. Cadders

    white lakeland

    Devoloped a liver problem and was pts On look out for another terrier soon, and would have another one, if right one came along, but rarely see them advertised now
  12. Cadders

    white lakeland

    Just wish they could of been fully tested!! The bitch was killed by hounds
  13. Cadders

    white lakeland

    Wont lie mate, Im only youngish, didnt have much land etc, so cant say they was grafted hard, but everytime I did work them, both was very game, didnt move an inch, and more often then not, killed
  14. Cadders

    white lakeland

    I had a couple of white Lakey types when I had the dogs a couple of years ago, will find the pics