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  1. any more of you lads interested in these pups at £50.00
  2. any takers on these pups ready next week
  3. Chunk

    army surplus

    davy just putting the feelers out mate to see how many people still buy this gear and if theres still a market there
  4. Chunk

    army surplus

    trapperman do you still buy it at the right price would you say theres still a market for this stuff
  5. Chunk

    army surplus

    does he do the markets mate i am just thinking about doing something else as a liveing does your dad sell it on in bulk
  6. Chunk

    army surplus

    yes mate any army surplus just trying to see how many people still use this gear for hunting
  7. do any of you lads on here buy army surplus on a regular basis as hunting gear do you think theres still a market for this kind off stuff and do your lads see many people selling it at game fairs
  8. right lads i have had a lot of time wasters on these pups people saying they want them and then saying they don,t so i have still got five left two bitchs three dogs they will be ready to go next week i will let the remaining pups go for 50.00 please no more time wasters
  9. nicola they will be ready end of month theres two bitches two dogs left
  10. Some more pictures of parents for those who asked.
  11. nicola i will get some more pics of the sire and dam up later on tonight for you
  12. theres some pics of the parents mate in the topic already why you want some pics of there faces
  13. what it means mate is if its regulated it users the same amount of air every time its shoot no matter how much airs in the gun so you dont lose any power i would take it back and see what the shop says hope this helps you
  14. Some up to date pictures of the pups which are 3 weeks old,and just started weaning.Here they are after there feed.
  15. just been painting me fence panels what a boring job
  16. Get a catapult with some small crab apples or some thing similar it worked on mine.atvb dell good advice that mate
  17. going good this post keep em comeing was out this morning with em and they were at it again eating horse shit going to start feeding it all the time save me a mint in dog food :db:
  18. the dogs just over two mate the sire is just over two years old ...... how old is the dam ??? the dam is going on five mate why you ask
  19. as the title says what pisses you off the most with your dogs my two are eating horse shit and rolling in any thing thats dead
  20. cheers mate just starting to get a bit of interest
  21. still got five pups left will put some more pics up in the next few days
  22. cheers awen i thought there would have been more interest
  23. cheers mate or8 stu pups looking good atb mate cheers mate
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