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  1. bsa r10 m2 for sale gun is in mint con no marks on it at all only had about 100 pellets shot it has a nikko stirling mountmaster 3x9 40 scope and i wll throw in a bipod pick up only no post £500.00 pounds no offers tel stu 07956332023
  2. Chunk

    Whippet Dog

    the whippet has gone pending pick up
  3. Chunk

    Whippet Dog

    for those who have asked the lurcher is a bitch about 15 months bred by me saluki bull grey the mother is an outstanding bitch done everthing now only a pet the pup has been in on a few things and shows good promise going to be about 26 inch
  4. Chunk

    Whippet Dog

    free to good home whippet dog done some rabbiting keen little dog kc reg off mike browns line must go to good home also young lurcher free to good home breed by me the hunting game has just faded away for me only geniune lads reply please and ill get back to you
  5. i called my last bitch asbo never herd any dog called this before if ye want to be different mate call it 2 stroke
  6. well just been looking on epupz at the price of pups was looking at beagles to be honest and theres some breeder selling pugs x beagle for 1500 because there a special colour they even say be quick because there not be here long what next
  7. its probley that nob head noel shaw shit stiring again doing his bit for the community
  9. no my dads not samba don;t even no the man and yes your very wrong mate and any lads who have my pups or no me will tell you that my kennels are spotless mate
  10. tan pup for those who asked http://i1125.photobu...up/SDC11434.jpg http://i1125.photobu...up/SDC11431.jpg
  11. still three pups left 2 dogs 1 bitch
  12. dog from first generation, will give you some idea of what these pups will turn out like. Made 27 inch. http://i1125.photobu...16/SDC11429.jpg http://i1125.photobu...16/SDC11428.jpg http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/jessica1916/dogs1/SDC11430.jpg
  13. like that one secific this is the word your looking for SPECIFIC WHY COMMENT IF YOU DON'T WANT A PUP
  14. Only 2 dogs and 1 bitch left now. 1 black dog, 1 black bitch and 1 tan dog More pictures of parents; http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/jessica1916/dogs2/DSC00200.jpg http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/jessica1916/dogs2/SDC11307.jpg
  15. Second generation Saluki Bull Greys out of these two dogs. Dam- saluki Bull Grey 7 year old, 100% dog, taken all quarry,very fast bitch in her day. Sire-Saluki Bull Grey back to a Grey, 29 inch, taken all quarry. Also 100% dog. These were bred for me to replace the bitch. 5 pups left, 2 dogs, 3 bitches. Pups from previous mating have proven outstanding lurchers. A few lads of the hunting life have had them. Pictures http://i1125.photobu...ica1916/one.jpg http://i1125.photobu...a1916/pupps.jpg STILL THREE PUPS LEFT FREE TO ANY BODY THAT WANTS ONE 2 DOGS 1 BITCH LEFT
  16. Chunk


    can anybody tell me how to put photos up it just keeps saying there to big cheers
  17. yes mate your right about barnsley but 3/4 of the bull crossers a not worth a chew a backer[ in english this means not worth a wank ]
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