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  1. grasshopper

    Unlucky Rabbit!!!

    nice one mate!
  2. grasshopper

    Few noob questions

    No you don't need a liscence for your gun to be 12ftlb
  3. grasshopper


    No mate, did not make them, came across them whilst on You-tube. Thats brilliant!
  4. grasshopper

    ere this pigeons dead!

    Indeed!! Anyone can argue that this whole website is ammunition for anti's all over the world and shut everything down. If fish is there to do a job and its legal then fair play to him. I'm certainly not going to stop doing something just because someone else doesn't like it, however I do take into consideration the reactions people might give by doing something. As the old saying goes, for every action there is always a consequence. Fish's action, i believe has nothing to do with any anti's, so consequently, their opinions cut no ice with me. H
  5. grasshopper

    ere this pigeons dead!

    There certainly is mate. Looks like you've done a great job mate! well done! 40ft seems like an impressive range! Big Kudos! I had some pigeons for my tea yesterday with my rabbit i shot. Very tasty! What springer have you got? I noticed you said you miss your super ten. I've recently bought one, and love it! What happened to yours? oh and for those like Bobba..I've seen pigeons shot in the head before that fly for about 30-40ft before the nerves stop working and they drop dead....everyones a critic nowadays! Nice shootin fish...keep it up!
  6. grasshopper

    !Out For A Hour!

    no idea mate sorry....never seen that before...............birth defect maybe????? i dont no nither i dont think its birth defect becose it just looks like its been chewed and there slit dead down the middle could of got caught on barbed wire? Very nice shooting matey. Nice clean head shot!
  7. grasshopper

    Why foot/pounds?

    I never thought much about that before! very interesting! :-)
  8. grasshopper

    New Rifle

    Cheers mate, Using air arms pellets (.22), thats what they gave me and what my friends recommended too. Went out with it last week and got 5 rabbits. 2 big, 3 babies. 2 big ones for the pot! yum! I'm really happy with it, it feels like its just a great all round, do what it says on the tin field rifle! perfect for me! Let me know when you get your bull barrel!
  9. grasshopper

    zeroing scopes

    I certainly concur with advice about local dealers. A good dealer will give sound advice and may have 2nd hand trade ins for those new to this sport. I would however take serious issue with any recommendation at shooting "things" (presumably rabbits, squirrels, pigeon, etc) at this range with an air rifle. Good hunters go for headshots only. Consistent accuracy at rabbits heads at 50 yds is speculative and runs the grave risk of wounding. And that is not what we are about. You will find on most forums offer advice for the 30yd - 35 yd max and that is what I practice too. (Even with my AA S410 with BenTaylor Regulator rated at bunny killing at 50yds) To understand the issues try placing a coffe cup on its side (so you're looking at the top) then walk back 50 paces and you'll soon see how small it becomes and why good bunny bashers stay in the 30-35 yd range. Then try the same with a 50p pice for a squirrels head and a £2 coin for a pigeons head and you will hopefully realise the why people give this advice. Welcome to the sport. I wish you well. Bobba Fair enough, sounds like a good plan with the cup idea. Its amazing how sometimes we underestimate distances! Good post.
  10. grasshopper

    New Rifle

    Cheers guys, I managed to post this twice as my computer has been hiding posts from me! Get some pics up as soon as I can. H
  11. grasshopper

    New Rifle

    if you want a upgrade then speak to john bowkett mate i have his number if you want it. he will blueprint it for you and it makes a world of difference. he makes carbon mods to which are super silent and light, he can screwcut the barrels to which helps if you want to cut the noise down, he fac's them if you want that and have the ticket. he is the dogs bollocks on these rifles after all he designed them for bsa. and not only that if you have it done by him if anything go's wrong with it he will sort free of charge even 3 years down the line ! that is service mate have a look at the fac one in my sig. 50 yards pellet on pellet i hit a tree rat with it the other day and it pushed its insides out the otherside of him ive took crows and pigeons out at over 65 yards with this gun and power isnt anything with out it being accurate Very cool beans! Money is a slight problemo at the moment but his number would be great! :-) Sounds like you've been having fun with yours! What do you think of the super ten then? Have you had any problems? H
  12. grasshopper

    BTAS FX Cyclone

    Hi Guys, My Dad has a BTAS FX Cyclone. He says that it seems to be leaking a little from the bottle. Its not a buddy bottle but built in. Has anyone here had a similar situation. Any ideas on how to remedy? Advice would really be appreciated guys. Cheers H
  13. grasshopper

    zeroing scopes

    Best thing is to go to your local dealer and ask for their advice. You should be looking to hit things about 40-50yrds MAX with an air rifle. Another good idea would be to take a trip to your local shooting range and ask some advice. See if you can have a go with a few if someone will let you! Hope you find the one you like. H
  14. grasshopper

    Rapid 7 V's Bsa Superten

    I got a BSA super Ten... It really is a very good rifle. Still, most pre charges perform more or less the same now a days!! Does anyone have a BTAS? My dads got an FX Cyclone. What do you think? H
  15. grasshopper

    New Rifle

    Have bought a BSA Super Ten! Love it, went shooting earlier this week and dispatched a few rabbits!! Anyone else got any opinions or advice they can offer about the super ten? Upgrades etc? Look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers H