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  1. Mine took 4 and half month and got knocked back a gun and half the ammo i initially wanted, but i think it depends on your area aswell on how long the process takes.
  2. I don't know which Thread this should be under but i found this earlier... Parakeets soon to be allowed to shoot. Here <<<
  3. Thanks everyone for replying, ill give him a ring and tell you whats happening. Cheers Ryan.
  4. Ive just got hold of some permission but struggling to work out what i do from here, i have a FAC and a .22 rimmy with sound mod but i have it for target shooting and im puzzled what i do? can anyone point me in the right direction please, Thanks Ryan.
  5. Nice pup mate, ive just got a Cocker Spaniel pup and hes 10 weeks old, and responds to his name and sits when given the order followed by a hand signal. All the best.
  6. LOL! , yeah hes now found out what teeth are for, he chews everything he can get his mouth round, but its all in the part of training i guess. Thanks.
  7. Thanks mate, and yeah im looking forward to training him, but first the basics then gradually progress on.
  8. Thanks mate, he only sits when i say the command and a lay a hand signal, but yeah he is returning great.
  9. Just some pics of my 9 week old Cocker Spaniel Pedigree Dog called OZ, with 62 Generation FTCH. Ive only had him 2 days and hes learning fantastic, ive already got him calling to feet and sitting down in combination. Just thought id share him with you, Sorry a bit blured Thanks, Ryan.
  10. Nice shooting mate, what gun did you use? Ive been doing some target shooting this weekend, my CZ 452 with SAK @ 100yd
  11. Ive got one on the .22 there not bad, but a bit crap in sunlight and low light, the Bushnell 3200 range look decent also
  12. Thanks mate, and yeah the whole feel just felt better with the heavy barrel and wood stock, so now its a zero session and see what groupings i get Cheers Ryan.
  13. After a short debate of which .22 i should get, I finally got round to the shop and picked up my new CZ 452 Varmint today, i topped it off with a MTC scope, SAK mod, 6-9" Swivel Bipod and Ammo wise im going to try out some Winchester T22. I looked at a few others like the Silhouette and Style, but found the heavy barrel, wood stock and weight suited me. Ayways thanks for everyone that replied and gave me some advice, Here's some pics,
  14. Here's my CZ Varmint 452 .22LR with MTC Viper 4-16x50, SAK mod, 6-9 Swivel Bipod.
  15. Thanks for that mjr88, and as i can see from the above comments they all refer to the CZ range, so ill have a look at them and get a couple packs of ammo and test out the groupings. Anyways guys thanks for all the replies Cheers.
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