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  1. shooter

    Rugar 22Lr Carbine Semi Auto

    hi can you please post some picks? How does it shoot? How used is it? Thanks
  2. shooter

    Hunting in South Africa

    couldnt find your rates on your websites. please tell me your rates and prices.
  3. shooter

    Duck Hunting in Egypt 2012

    hi, what is the average bag? I know its wild game etc. but realistically what sort of a bag may one expect?
  4. shooter

    Jabalí and black buk in Argentina

    hi what are the rates?
  5. shooter

    shepp whites this morning

    i didnt realise there were other wildfowlers fond of Kenzie thorpe country. Are you guys with the HDWA too? Are there more of you on this site?
  6. shooter

    shepp whites this morning

    shepwhite; raf base are the two favourites. also go along the mudbanks at fosdyke bridge; the latter is also good for watching seals.
  7. thats a great deal. Whats the catch?
  8. shooter

    shepp whites this morning

    hi charlie, I am a newbie to wildfowling and still fear the mud and not competent enough to go into the mud during low tide without company. But i still love it nevertheless. Yes the gun barrel doesnt like the salt water and the mud and most days, i have returned without any game but every successful day feels like i have earned it. the serenity and tranquility is sooooooooooooo soothing. Chilling out with friends after the shoot. looking at stars. Waking up at 0400 in feezing cold yeah i suppose i love it.
  9. shooter

    8 Bore Makers

    alan myres' guns arent cheap but there are many unsung heroes who make big bores from scratch for a half he cost of alan myres. The price will sill be hefty though. PM me if you need more info.
  10. shooter

    Big Game hunting Hoildays

    whats your budget?
  11. shooter

    Wyoming Hunting

    Great! Whats the situation on tags? I have a DSC certificate which the dept of fish and game utah recognised in lieu of hunters education. How will it work in wyoming? Whats the succes percentage over the past few years. Can i borrow a rifle? I am interested. you'll hear from me real soon.
  12. shooter


    good luck amazing place for shooters and hunters.
  13. Thanks for the invite. I was in Bulgaria recently. Lovely countryside and everything is so cheap and affordable. I visited a few gunshops and was amazed to see the high prices for everything. I can never get that despite such cheap hotels, cheap labour, cheap food and such abundant wildlife in state owned forests, the hunting prices are such that it would be cheaper to do such hunts in the uk (for red), or even fly across the alantic (north america for brown bear). Nothing personal against you but i wonder how the bulgarians can afford to shoot at these rates.
  14. shooter

    Big hunt in Spain

    hi i cant read your blog since its in spanish. google translator wont work either.
  15. I have seen the place. Nice caravan, nice company, plenty of booze and good shooting.
  16. shooter

    hello from London

    Hi. im a new member, a doctor based in london. Im new to hunting/shooting and most of my shooting experience has been limited to clays. im expecting to meet other people with similar intrests and to get an oppertunity to learn more about persuing quarry in their natural habitat.
  17. hi. i am new to pigeon/game shooting. im a doctor based in enfield and hold a shotgun certificate and my own shotguns. i mostly shoot clays and am looking to accompny/ observe members to a rabbit/hare/pigeon shoot. i drive and would like to try/watch rabbit/pigeon shooting first hand. some friends have been kind enough to invite me for waterfowling and im now looking for rabbit/hare/pigeon shooting. regards.
  18. hi! wanted some advice re: clothing esp if we have any american members. i have used prologic max 4 parka and bibs( www.prologicfishing.com) for waterfowling and it is well suited for the winters in nothern england/yorkshire esp when one has to spend long hours outdoors without any cover. I was thinking of buying some stuff from usa as it is cheaper there. but visiting cabelas website has left me confused as there are hundreds of products available and all seem to be good. readers reviews also didnt help much as one gets mixed replies. I am looking for the following characteristics (in that order) warmth+ dry (last hunt in -8.5 deg. C Plus winds; in a river estury+ mud) good camo Should have an inner pocket to hold cellphone silent i have shortlisted the following items. would be greatful for any reviews/comments/suggestions. (is there any other site i should be looking at?) 1 Cabela's Late Season® Parka - Regular Item:UH-930886 (mossy oak new break up) 2 Cabela's Ultimate Suede™ Weather-BLOCK™ 4-in-1 Parka Item:7IS-931205 (mossy oak new break up) 3 ArcticShield® H3 Parka Item:XH-960255 (mossey oak new break up) 4 Walls® Legend Insulated Coat Item:IJ-960409 (Realtree AP HD) (note: omitted jackets on purpose as i want a long parka/coat) bibs: Cabela's Ultimate Suede™ Weather-BLOCK™ Insulated Bibs Item:7IS-931208 Ive never tried coveralls. does anyone have experience of using coveralls? do i still need to wear a jacket on top? waders: 1 Cabela's Roaring Fork™ Neoprene Wader Item:IJ-811200 (felt soles) 2 Cabela's 3mm Neostretch™ Neoprene Chest Waders with Lug Soles - Regular Item:IJ-830650 wanted to ask if lug soles or felt soles have any distinct advantages/ disadvantages. What about "stockingfoot waders? are they any good? is there anything else im missing out ?(am considering buying a facemask) would appreciate any input. regards shooter. P.S. im not visiting usa personally so will be ordering online/ asking someone to pick it up for me.