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  1. Well I wondered how long it would be before someone starts going off on one! I came on here with the best intentions of getting some good advice, (which I did). But like I said before, I DO have experience, but it seems I've been spoilt in the past with easy going birds. It's just that this one's proving to be a bit different. No ones perfect. I know people who've been training birds for decades and still learn new things. That's what makes falconry so special, I'm sure if it was so easy we probably wouldn't be doing it. By the way, she was stickyfooted from the moment I got her.
  2. Wow! A few things to think about there! And a few differences in opinions too! Yeh Bob, she reminds me of a nervy gos. I think I agree that the least stress the better, I'll take a few steps back and man her as if I've JUST received her, in the dark too. Cheers all, I'll keep you posted.
  3. I picked up my new female harris last Thursday, she was 2 lb 5 oz, been trying to man her ever since. She's still not interested in any food. Jumpy as hell! Managed to get her on the scales today, she was just under 2 lb. All she does is bate away from me, then when I pick her up she foots me like a nutter and fixes me with a stare like blue murder, there's been no change in her right from the start. She's 9 months old, parent reared, from a well respected breeder, but I'm beginning to have my doubts about how well it was reared. She's not my first harris, my male was perfect, and I've flo
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