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  1. Have you had a wander around there to look for any signs?
  2. Taking the kids to a football tournament in that area on Sunday and will speak to one of the organisers who farms there and let you know. From what I've heard before is that there's plenty around that area mate.
  3. spep21


    Just saw a clip of Rooney moaning about the fans booing the team. What the feck does he expect the over paid c**t. He was shit tonight, take it on the chin!!!
  4. My neighbour over there is a member of a shooting club. He shoots boar, bear, coyote and deer. Cash is king there so a bit of folding will see you right! I can sort something out when the time is right for you. Awesome countryside with massive forrest and mountain ranges. You will love it. Take care mate. Kyle. Sounds awesome mate, feck the rifles, I'll be up for some of that though! Get in son. Have you had any luck yet near you? Got quite tricky for me didn't it!
  5. Its hard enough to earn a quid so whatever you are doing, if it pays the bills then fair play to you. Best of luck. Some of my family into scrap so I haven't got a problem with them at all.
  6. Thanks Clint it looks like you had a good day there. Did you mean that it costs alot of money to hunt with dogs in Poland or can you hunt on public land?
  7. Haha nice one judge! Hopefully loads of sausages. Yeah will get dogs jabbed up when all of this is over and done with was just thinking about something for the future. Whats it like for permission over there? All the best, Spep
  8. Yeah I bet mate. I am just interested in how to go about it as would love to do it. Ideally would want to use my own dogs. Think it may be a case of just getting over there and bunging a land owner a few quid to have a pop.
  9. Has anyone been over to bulgaria or similar with their own dogs and hunted wild boar and deer?
  10. Gave me ear ache mate, seemed a bit boring, not my thing.
  11. Forgot to update this one for anyone interested. Went to magistrates court and pleaded not guilty and asked for trial at crown court. 2 days before I was due in magistrates again for commital I get a call from my brief saying charges have been dropped so they obviously realised that it was a waste of time and if it reached the papers about the helicopter etc they would look sh**!
  12. The other 3 main party leaders aren't a laughing stock and their policies riddled with faults!!! I don't think so mate
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