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  1. Well said jim its easy to hide behind fake profiles a ridicule people. Idiots Peter Conn
  2. im not to fussed on the breeding but wouldnt mind havin a welsh hound or cross like the rough coats. but i suppose its not the look its how it hunts
  3. thanks mate got a look on it there very nice pack
  4. hi as just wondering do you have any hounds for sale or do you know anyone who has
  5. ive only been out a few times this season mates round this way havnt got the drive to go out all the time. i travel to other boys but put two to ground last week and dug them ive couple terrier pups that im starting this year. killed one on the lamp last night.
  6. lol. whats the hunting like up there. was ment to head to the south to do cover the day but sprained my ankle lamping last night.
  7. where bouts in northern ireland use guys from i live just outside portadown if use know where that is
  8. have 2 a beagal and a fox hound. Im after a couple more hounds for the pack and wouldnt mind having something with welsh hound in it have herd they are a great hunter.
  9. Hi i was just wondering if there are many hound men in Northern Ireland that hunt with welsh hounds or welsh hound crosses. and could anyone point me in the right direction of getting one.
  10. hi was just wondering is there anyone in Northern Ireland selling any of these breeds. any age considered but would rather something around a year old. plz post and let me know
  11. wheres the next one in N.Ireland
  12. After chatting last nyt.I'm looking forwsrd to the show and shud b a good day out had by all
  13. do you know if ther is any where in the north of ireland where this type of course can be studied
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