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  1. What the fukc are you an about ??? i got no strings to pull if i want to say something i will phone you and tell you myself
  2. socks dont keep blaming me for yours and phills bollock now get to f**k you wanker
  3. If your talking rabbits I don't think anyone who has posted on this topic will disagree. i disagree c hall dosent the man from cornwall often do big rabbit numbers from a 4x4 .and hes a fatty
  4. my last on this pointless subject..the biggest bags ihave had and seen have been done roadsiding or from a 4x4 by fat people
  5. socks and millet you should have a meet up with lads that use the 4x4 how it should be used then come on and say what you think about it.millet you can bring your free lined bait to.
  6. Where did i say half a dozen charlie and half a dozen deer.. ..and if you have access to good land them number's are not uncommon which i have witnessed many times over the year's.. what would you know millet you run shark bait :laugh:
  7. Well said, the lads who walk have the best and most tested dogs fact
  8. Just 'cos you aint seen it, doesn't mean it can't be done. Ever heard of Scottish Deerhounds? Cheers, D. yea big rough coated weak wristed pencil necked things,they was once bred to track and bay at wounded red deer.
  9. may 21 1982 Listen mate I am not getting into a pissing contest with you ... Well done to you and your lads in that shit hole ......... thanks
  10. There are harder routs over the black mountains ... Fact. ............ you go to play over the black mountains
  11. dont start me off about the army lads,if you never yommped goose green you dont know what a walk is fact
  12. there was a fair bit of hype,also there was adds on here and moochers for a bitch.anyway how did the litter do ?
  13. yea that was the one,how did they turn out,i know moo put an advert up looking for a bitch but wilf and a few others said they wouldnt get a bitch that could live with the dog so he used the sister.
  14. who has them and what they turn out like,theses pups was all talked about a few years back but now no one seems to talk about them,any pics
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