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  1. forth estuary at sunrise last week sunrise at a wee beach i like to go to in the summer
  2. mate is looking for the hire of a rabbit for the training of his 13 month old springer, ideally located in central scotland, but other areas considered, willing to pay, cheers
  3. stick it in the shooting oppurtunites section mate, will get more viewings
  4. finally ! i was just ready to start giving him shooting lessons bill,
  5. baikal mp-153, got 1 here cycles everything n has never jammed, get 1 brand new for about £550
  6. pelican bay is the same, every time im there a pelican swoops in n steals the rabbit right from my dogs mouth :laugh: i dont even go near heart attack hill, far too dangerous ! :laugh:
  7. good show billy, cracking looking beast
  8. aye ye need to watch out for they eagle's, californian condor's are just as bad
  9. got 1 ferret here thats had bits if rabbit spine stuck iin its teeth 3 times, and old pen usually picks it out, greedy wee fecker isny chewin enuff
  10. few pics from last season
  11. what ferts you got in at the moment ? jills ? hobs ? albino's, poleys , sandys ?
  12. the drop box type are extremley effective, dont have any experiance of the cage type
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