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  1. They kept inside but we're let out for 5 minutes, when they opened the back door to let them back in, a bolted gate had been unbolted and the dogs gone
  2. They my stepson's dogs, the police have been given the address of the people who bought the pup, but they are useless, the reward may well fuel dog theft, but there are two very upset small children, and if paying a 'ransom' gets them back then that's what they are prepared to do
  3. Stolen from Swansea last night after someone from Bristol came to buy a pup 1 dog 1 bitch dog is around 18 moths old bitch is 2 year old £500 reward for information leading to their return
  4. In true THL style another thread ruined by bitching
  5. Travelled over from Wales for this one, show was very good, welcome was amazing, and the weekend was one to remember
  6. Sorry guys, she going on Sunday, guy has invited me to check out his other dogs and kennels first though
  7. She is a stunner, i am being a bit fussy about who she goes to to be honest, want the right home not just any home Cheers mate Tim
  8. Swansea in south Wales mate Anyone who genuinely interested in this bitch pm me your number, good working home is more important to me than the money, I can 110% say she got fire and drive, she is a quick little bitch and turns well, just needs someone willing to give her the time and patience she deserves
  9. 3 year old, needs to be brought on, nice natured dog, catches but retrieve needs working on, was bought for my daughter who lost interest, She needs to be with someone as a only dog, its not fair on the bitch being with me as I don't have the time she needs as my main priority is my lurcher Please no numpties, time wasters or peddlars £100 Pm me for pics
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