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  1. Had a good few hour out on a late drilling got a text from the farmer saying he had drilled but I could not get there for a week so it thought I might have missed the boat but managed to get 30 and a crow
  2. Better to be out than not at all but what looked like a promising day turn into a long drawn out day set up on some spring drilling lots feeding and a plenty joining but unfortunately there was three other large field drilled at the same time anyway 19 carts for 11 picked is how it finished
  3. thats a lot of berries in one bird the greedy fecker i was watch some hitting rape near me so i think its time to go out and have a go
  4. Only a short vid no ShotKam as out with the over under get back on live birds ready for the game season
  5. Only a short vid no ShotKam as out with the over under get back on live birds ready for the game season
  6. I had a good teacher and some good advice from the likes of yourself amazing what 4 years can do but I still feel like a novice
  7. Was down in the Cotswolds last week on holiday and my mate manage to find us some pigeons to have a pop at managed to get 61 in a few hours so not a bad day
  8. The field I flight lined into I ended up getting permission so set up on still not dialled in to the new gun but did ok with 47 picked
  9. Sure there was a video on this
  10. Bought a new gun and was busting a gut trying to find some pigeons to shoot at finally found some on a field of peas but no permission to shoot it( I have now ) but had permission to the field next to it what the pigeon were flighting over so had a go intense hour at some good but difficult sport
  11. The shot cam helped me shit loads to be fair main reason I bought it
  12. Got a txt from a farmer say he had drilled linseed and there was lots of pigeon on it so I went and he was right plenty of pigeons in the area so I set up and gave it a go for a couple of hours
  13. As my shooting buddy and mentor decided to feck off to the Cotswolds I thought I best visit
  14. Sorry this is last year but forgot to post
  15. Well been out numerous times now and can’t find pigeons hitting the rape fields usually had a couple of days out by now anyone else in the same boat
  16. Lost my dog this week and needed some friends and a day out shooting to help
  17. Not the best day but better been out than sat at home wishing I had
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