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  1. Hi thanks for the replies. I was just curious to get to get any more knowledge on her markings, I''m certainly not concerned or worried about it, I love her markings. "Gilbey: You don't get Merle whippets or greyhounds, so it can't be double Merle if breeding is correct." Yeah she's a "Born on the wrong side of the tracks" kinda girl...I doubt the breeding has been pure for generations. Thanks for the input everyone.
  2. Hello to all. I would like some help with our lurchers coat. Luna is 3 this year, her Mum was a Border Collie x Whippet (merle) her Dad a Whippet x Greyhound (Non-Merle). I think she has the harlequin merle modifier gene, I don't think she is double merle, her Dad was not cryptic as far as we can tell. She has no helth issues eyesight excellent and her hearing is as selective as any lurcher. She is a stunning wee dog, very unique markings, great temperament. Any help appreciated.
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