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  1. Thanks for the information, how long ago? if you don't mind me asking. I used to work at the old rectory when I was a teenager and the land your referring to would be next to this I think. Just interested if there may be the odd one still about. What causing them to be black? is it a gene passed down or just a random occurrence?
  2. Appleby Magna in Derbyshire? I grew up there and never saw any black rabbits, shame as I've never seen a wild black one.
  3. Thanks lads, only just seen your replies.
  4. I had an ex racer when I was kid, more of a pet than a working dog but incredibly game. Same as a few of these lads said on here she was great for 4-6 slips after that she was done lol would just lay down and refuse to move (had to carry her home a few time). Again like others have also said when locked on they don't seem to notice much else mine ran into a few fences before she smashed her wrist, she was never the same after and spent the rest of her days on my sofa. Great dog to have around, great temperament, great for a few bunnies but for long session I'd go for something with more
  5. Hi, Just wanted to start and get my account rolling. Been out of the hunting game for nearly 10 years. I worked in a greyhound kennels as a young lad for a few years and that started my love for racing and working dogs, owned a couple of my own greyhounds after (ex racers) did a fair bit of work with local rabbit lads during this time. After i left the kennels I was using air rifles for a few years. Couple of my friends are still rabbiting and ratting so looking to get back into it. Joined here to learn about new things, also looking to get a working dog again now that work
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