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  1. It’s coming for all you slinks with guns and I can guarantee non of you will keep going if it means breaking the law that’s why your into shooting because you have no back bone to walk where you want with a running dog. Don’t know how any shooter can call hisself a sports man your either shooting things from miles away with thermals or driving birds that are like chickens to a line of pricks to blast f**k out of.
  2. Cheers sid I’ve ordered the book mate
  3. Looking at getting a few rollers/tumblers meself never kept them before but fancy getting some for the garden is there any good books that anyone could recommend or forums to join. I’m in no rush would rather start the job right
  4. Anyone know anything about the pups he has on at the minute and a contact number for him. Cheers
  5. Is there any litters coming up out of digging dogs. Kept lurchers all me life and the odd terrier I know the odd lad into terriers but struggling to find a pup and thought it was worth asking. Size, shape or colour isn’t important aslong as the pup is from good honest workers that have done plenty,preferably from a line of workers. If anyone can help drop me a message. Cheers
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