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  1. Brown pastel hen and Cock that's a carrier for brown brown pastel. Both big nice strong bird's. No meds in these birds just fed on top quality grub ie seed , vegetable's , fruit, berry's. No messers just genuine bird men I'm wanting to take these birds that know how to look after them thanks for reading guys. Pm me for price
  2. Here ive trio of black and red pullets bred from the highest standards of show stock in the country. And im not being byest by saying this there's no birds in West Yorkshire or near county's that have better bred birds. I know that because the chap who has the parents to these birds is one of the top judges from England Ireland Scotland and Wales and even over sea's guys. I'm wanting 100 quid for the trio pm me if intrested no time wasters please. These birds are the large game not bantams hence why am letting them go no room for them at my yard. The Picture is the father to the cock pullet
  3. I'm after 2 cock sib satenets if any one can help me out or put me onto someone that would be much appreciated kind regards bangers
  4. I've been feeding them red & yellow peppers the colour from the pepper is great for colouring
  5. No no meds just moult tonic and good snap
  6. Few eumo x agates starting to colour up now nice big birds.
  7. Another 2 arrivals to my next year's adult show birds but this time bantam modern game. A might put them in a few young classes if any local shows come up will see if we get on top of this covid 19. Hope you enjoy the pics guys
  8. We on about the same chap it's hard getting a first season bird off him wants to hold on to them which when your showing your going to untill they moult out. A don't think 25 quid is a lot for the right birds. I've paid a lot more than that for birds some costing a bag of sand
  9. I'm seeing him tomorrow what's yours name Al tell him a was having a chat. You'll know that he doesn't sell his stock then and holds on to most for shows like me but with covid won't be any big meets so willing to let a few go but not for small change
  10. Bred from a chaps breeding lines whos had many winners called Barney from in North East
  11. It's true local club meetings near me are still on. Be a couple of carpark deals going on too.
  12. No sorry mate a hope you come across closer.
  13. I've got a few forsale in Yorkshire area 25 each
  14. Modern game big and small , mutation bully's , few redpolls , mules , canarys
  15. Only a few days old and starting it to learn to stand for show and our youngen has got him to stand lol
  16. Just had a look in incubator and this little fella was mooching about first big modern game chick cushty 9 more to come and a few modern bantam's to come then. Hopefully next year will have a few more doing well in show
  17. Here's the foundation's to my eggs I've got in the incubator so hopefully some up and coming champion's in the making fingers crossed I've candled them and out of 10 I've 8 cushty ones
  18. Looks like Kelham hall that spot. Credit to him what ever lads weather it be the weight he's said it is or knock a few lb off it''s 's nice looking specimen
  19. Am gutted for you pal a was gutted myself too reading your post then waiting to see this big old lump you'd played and managed to get in lol. Maybe next time pal
  20. Well a can't wait to see these 3 out of moult am thinking there's 2 hens and 1 cock.
  21. A know it's a old post but champion getting them back. Just shows now with social media that them kind of dirty b*****ds won't get away with it any more. Just hope they caught the twats and throw the book at them
  22. It's true that after a year the signs will be there to what sex it is 100%. Some will try have your pants down with a female that can come out with a little note. To some one that's not clued up and new to the bird will fall for it
  23. Nice are pekings a like the Wyandotte bantams too
  24. Some more he's got on ebay now 10 hrs left on them all three adds are his. All these hens and cocks have won shows. Top breeders from over seas are buying off him in big numbers.
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