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  1. The PARD,s are very good value for money, I have the 007 and recently changed my 008 for the 008lrf. They are good stand alone sights out to 150 yards but add an SRX or similar laser and you are fox ready. The only ir sight I have used that is beter is the Drone Pro 10 which is quite a bit more £££££ if you can get one. The 008 is fitted to my wee 22 Sako and the 007 flits between my other rifles. One thing I would say with the 007 is it works best on very low mag scopes and it prefers Japanese or even the beter Chinese glass over European makes. The 008 lrf is worth the extra ££££ if you are fitting it to an airgun or 22lr, for centrefire it prehaps is not so impotant and you will pick up a standard used 008 for very little. Hopethis helps.
  2. With regards to the falcon, you will find that your shot count will be limited with the low air volume of the presure vesel and lack of regulator. Ok if you are just popping off a few rabbits but a bit inconvenient if clearing sheds of pigeon's. Just something to consider.
  3. Hello chaps, just thought I would introduce myself. I have been shooting all of my life and enjoy stalking, game shooting both driven and walked up, target work, salmon & seatrout fishing and working gundogs. I have retired from full time work but work part time keepering, look after a small seatrout and salmon river and teach gundog handling and training.
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