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  1. We'll I have both to try, the only thing I haven't really used are snares. I did a course on snaring a while back but we don't use them at work. For what they cost I'll pick some up
  2. There are rabbits on my new allotment and they are proving difficult to sort out. They have been there much longer than I have and know every way in and out. I've had cage traps set to no avail and my only catch in my welll set Fenn mk6s was a hedgehog, sorry. They don't really sit out in the open much so rifle hasn't been an option. Any ideas?
  3. Looks like a trip to Scunthorpe RFD I think. Thanks for the offer to try out Phil. Maybe I'll rethink my judgement of .177 they just seem so small !!! Cheers
  4. I might call back to my RFD and check his Falcon out. I'm hoping to bridge my standard sub 12 and my rimmy as I'm not comfortable hitting bunnies at 50m with low ft/lb. Personal preference and more humane. Thanks Deker
  5. Well thank you all for my introduction to THL. I am not winding anyone up. I posted some genuine questions including my inexperience to FAC air weapons. I thought that the whole idea of a forum was to exchange knowledge without this kind of elitist judgement. Excuse me and my career for my failings!
  6. As a professional pest controller I've never been convinced of the knock down power of .177. I know I know I've opened the can of worms again but that's just me. No-one would snipe with a 50 cal if a 338 Lap Mag was better. Hey it's a free country lol
  7. Thanks for all info guys I'm going to think this one out and get back to you with some pics of the result of my questions. Bear with my posts in mean time, I'm unsure of the layout and protocol on this forums. Fantastic so far. Regards Alan
  8. Yes I was talking about bottle gun. Maybe up to 50m so would you think I should go up a calibre to .25 to stabilise?
  9. Totally agree with you atvbjimmy I'm keeping hw sub 12. Budget is a bit limited, anyone had experience of Falcon FAC?
  10. That's the kind of performance I'm after, do you know your terminal power at all?
  11. I wanted a rifle to fill the gap between my standard air rifle and my rimfire. Range wise 30-50m, quiet but without the backstop restrictions of a bullet. Does that make sense? It makes sense what Pledgey said now about extra weight to re-stabilise the pellet, something I hadn't considered. No wonder they use so much air, I was hoping for a couple of mags though.
  12. Wow so pretty reasonable then, thanks for the heads up. I have wondered what shots/ fill is for FAC air rifles. Must be pretty low, although S410 has decent cylinder.
  13. I don't have a huge budget, it will have to be a used model, just for a work gun. Probably a .22 I think
  14. Thanks I wasn't aware of the power thing so good advice well taken. Thanks guys. Now the problem of which affordable rifle to buy lol
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