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  1. working ferert View Advert hi all im looking for working ferrets as my 2 others are old now and want a new stock. they will be very looked after and lightly worked Advertiser john davies Date 01/12/20 Price £2.97 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  2. hi all i have just re joined with new email address and password and can only log on =through email . i can not log in any other way it says email adress not knowen
  3. yes its gone real bad wander why and with the dead fox on the news no wander
  4. good evening i have been off the site for about a year and its changed all the adds i look at are months old is it me or have people stopped selling on here.ie adds for birds of pray i look at are from sep 2019 and nothing after it John
  5. i have 4 all working ones and would not have anything eles. you can control them more and to me the work the bush better
  6. wrexham and it did happen it happened 5 years ago framers were drunk so they say and they chucked the dog in the river
  7. i Have had lurchers to and only stopped lamping 6 years ago i know 4 farms that shoot dogs now they even shot on on its slip lead the farmer got away with it as only 1 lad with dog and 2 farmers . i was just saying what it like here now i dont do the blame thing sorry if it come across as that
  8. all jurcher every one brusing on the ribs and no air gun holes ( they do there home work the rural police do ) thats why its so hard now
  9. another thing is they also found 10 young hares dumped on side of road
  10. I live in the rural area and go rabbiting with ferrets and dogs been doing it now for 40 years, over the last 10or 12 years poachers have come and they dont just leave when caught they beat the farmers to a pulp. its that hard now even i have to phone them all up the day before i go
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