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  1. Would of only of loved to of been on them banks watching the Waterloo cup
  2. I watch all the old coursing dvds and videos I can get my hands on and 9 times out of 10 imagine what it would be like to be able to go coursing before the ban always asking my uncle and grandad of what is was like they have some of the greatest stories I've ever heard and can listen to them over and over again I live in hope southeastcourser
  3. Thanks lads for all the advice hopefully can get him back to his best
  4. My coursing bred dogs quicks are saw any advice or something I can do to heal them quicker thanks. southeast
  5. Thanks mate one of the lads on here said the same thing and sent his number over so hopfully will sort me out thank you
  6. Thanks a lot for all your help lads one of the lads has sent me a number I will let you all know how I get on
  7. Need some help lad anyone know of a good muscle and bone man in the south east who can look at the dogs asap as got a young dog that's hurt his self running with the other dogs so I would like him chceck over many thanks lads
  8. Alright lads just wondering if anyone had any tips on the best hot food or food to cook for your dogs or any particular mixture you like to use Cheers Lads
  9. Thank you very much I'm in the process as we speak of getting the dogs up off the ground and better bedding thank you for all your help
  10. Well maybe you can help me out if you've been working dogs that long we know it's possible for dogs to get a cold like every other animal but if your dogs haven't gotten a cold in 40 years then you must be doging something right so my question is what would be the best thing to do when you've had you dogs out on a wet day/night any help is appreciated thanks
  11. Hi mate I'm interested tried pm won't send
  12. Cheers mate will google see if I can grab it
  13. Cheers mate pleased it doesn't take to long to clear up
  14. What's that mate and where could I grab it ?
  15. Cheers mate first thing I'm doing tomorrow
  16. I did try to make sure she was completely dry maybe because it did come in quite cold last night as well
  17. With the cold weather coming in yesterday took my dogs out for a bit of a walk but my by bitchs seems to have come down with a bit of a cold Any tips boys on a the best things I can do to get her right again cheers
  18. Like to see what the other pups look like lads if you have any pics
  19. Don't understand mate might be a bit before my time that's saying
  20. Nice mate what's there style like running I've got a dog pup out of the same litter green as a leak he is just wanted to know how the others are doing
  21. Nice how old are they and you got any pics was there many in the litter I think they was woolly coated wasn't they I've got a dog pup out of that litter
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