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  1. funny man , u know a better way to track someone down ?
  2. looking for a bitch that was gifted to mary schaffer several years back out of a sissy /noah breeding , would the new owner please contact me asap on this site
  3. mr.charlie , since i don't have a dog in this dig ,i'll just put my shovel down .n watch what happens , on your side of the pond , but your 100% [BANNED TEXT] about the phone cameras . i've been around game dogs long enough to see the down fall of the bulldog game over here. now peta , humane society, focus seems to be on the patterdale facebook pages , these puppy peddlers over here are posting comic book stories with fairly tail ending , only believed by some whom know ,know better and peta n humane society puts there spin on these stories , stay game most won't, richlee
  4. If your out digging and someone is messing about with their phone hit them with the spade lol, best dig'n advice i've herd
  5. (Mad4it) on this site made me some nets , great man to deal with , fair price , excellent workmanship.
  6. ok, that's news to me ,were we meeting at?
  7. TPC, come on to the Allegheny Mountains in south central Pennsylvania and I'll show you how it works
  8. I have a element n a ortovox S1 , like the element the best
  9. rat face , thank you for sending the CD n book,richlee
  10. I read in a grayhound training manual that making them puke helps puts oxygen into there red blood cells.!?!?!
  11. Mad4it, got the 8 new fox nets you made for me today,I don't know much about fox nets ,but I know quality when I see it ,in workmanship & material,for this ,I thank you for being a man of your word ,sending to me asap. Stay game in the LORD richlee
  12. shovel on left is from (wwmfg.com)shovel on right is from (predator tools) you judge
  13. It the readers judge,I wish u the best
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