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  1. The best way the Government boys cull Badgers is with a rubber bands!. What they do is glue a Jelly baby onto the end of a rubber band then stake the band to the ground just outside the sett. Now for some reason Billy's go crazy for Jelly babies especially the black ones. Once they get hold of them they will not let go for love nor money, and that's the trick. Billy picks up the bait, goes off to forage for a bit more grub and BAMMM!!! hes right back where he started. Now after a few BOINGS on the elastic old Brock gets spooked and makes a dash for the Sett. The Men in Black turn up the next day a pull on the elastic and out pops The Badger from the sett. One of the MIB then quickly takes off a shoe and gives the Billy a sharp tap on the bridge of the nose with the heal of his shoe, job done 1Xbadger dispatched. Very effective and humane, it's true, I have a letter from the Right Honourable Tony Blaire to prove it!
  2. £1.27 in Northampton this morning. Fifty four quid to fill up my deisel van.
  3. What hide! What guns! All I could see was a picture of two dead blacks and three pictures of grass fields!!!
  4. Houston, we have touched a nerve!!!
  5. What altitude have you had him up to with those wings?
  6. Bandit


    When Carl Froch steps up to his time, Joe Calzaghe will be well retired with his pipe and slippers. It's a real shame that we won't get to see it, as it would be a great display of Boxing from the pair of them.
  7. A cracking show last time out. I'm sure this one will be the same if not better. Get yourself their.
  8. You 'might' get a small bald patch on the sight of the injections, everyone of my Jills has got one. That is why i had my hob Vasectomised.
  9. We missed out this year bud! Our mate went with a few others, but the bloke who owns the place invited another party along aswell, and by all accounts they f*cked the job right up. No control and all sorts of nonsense going on. Our mate says he might not go back again. I got this info from our little game keeper friend.
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