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  1. Wexford1992

    Badger Disease

    Totally blind
  2. Wexford1992

    Breeding Young Terriers

    What ya do after ? personally I wouldn't do that as dog isn't proven could be recipe for disaster mate of mine was thinking the same last summer but I convinced him to put his 6 year old bitch over a solid 11 year old dog who never came out of a hole till dug to ...,
  3. Wexford1992


    fair bully heads on them though chap smashing
  4. Wexford1992


    fairplay shane smashing terriers....dont think there is ant bull in them at all
  5. Wexford1992

    patterdales in ireland

    spot on lad a worker to worker one could be the best dog u ever had
  6. Wexford1992

    patterdales in ireland

    we must owe credit tot he likes of TP DR BN KG for what we have today only for these lads we wouldnt have the terrier of today....
  7. Wexford1992

    Doxhope Deerhounds

    Yup good amount of game to take there
  8. Wexford1992

    Doxhope Deerhounds

    Good few off that line don't fail though I had one sold it doing my lc at the time went to Wicklow and made the grade single handed
  9. Wexford1992

    Doxhope Deerhounds

    Anyone work them lines be interesting to see the type of dogs that come from this line
  10. Wexford1992

    Doxhope Deerhounds

    Trying to pm you maximum ferret
  11. Wexford1992

    Doxhope Deerhounds

    Ya Alan Charles is a name associated with the best deerhound x around if I'm not wrong
  12. Wexford1992

    Doxhope Deerhounds

    Is there anyone in ireland with this type of line i want to acqure how good the line is
  13. Wexford1992

    Dodgy Digs.

    was there not a lad on here from ireland had a 30-40 ft dig and had the pictures up
  14. Wexford1992

    Gas Powered

    some muppets on here
  15. Wexford1992

    100Ft Long Nets

    where is the best place to acquire these can anyone point me in the right directon