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  1. I need light av got a laminated thumbhole heavy as out
  2. Just wondering of any one has a cz 452 synthetic thumb hole stock for sale cheap like lol
  3. So what about brown what tyoe of worker do they make
  4. Would you worry much about twist rate also
  5. Yer a thought about the shooting show bur you know what it like when you can get sum thing new get itchy feet lol what a bout a cz in the 223 or not really thanks.
  6. Hi I'm going to be looking to purchase a 223 rifle soon what are decent run of the mill makes and what are the ones to stay away from .sorry not fluted mean the twist in the barrel
  7. Are these books by pm only
  8. Av spoke to a few people who train there dogs not to jump
  9. HAD work pigeon shooting 1 min they there next day nowt
  10. Av got a 12 amp and 2 7amp but canny heavy
  11. Hi lewDan have you still got the scope
  12. How accurate is it to 100 yards thanks
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