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  1. Fck sake, can't a man die in peace without some fckn nutjob making something out of it
  2. He must do, he says all the time in the middle of an argument or when he hasn't got an answer for something that he's away to work.
  3. Fck that, couldn't live like that
  4. They won't be happy until everything is gone
  5. I'm starting to think he does it on purpose, I reckon he's getting paid to be obtuse, no-one not even max could be as thick as he comes across with only 1 head
  6. Them fckn hash browns won't cook themselves
  7. I'm famous for them, as you are for being what you are
  8. He'll be saying they should go back to the £10 pay cap next, traditional like lol
  9. Let's be honest now if your a fckn factory worker in Sunderland finishing work at 12 Saturday afternoon you ain't gonna be late for a 2.00 kick off unless it's an away game and if it's an away game and your going you ain't working Sat morning anyway.
  10. And on a personal note it doesn't affect me 1 bit as I haven't been to a game in decades except to take my grandson to see Celtic
  11. Can't see how someone can bleat on about tradition when theyre actively helping to destroy British culture
  12. He don't just dress as a woman in his twisted warped mind he is a woman
  13. I'd be well pissed off if I was the landlord of that flat, cost s fckn fortune getting it back to normal
  14. IMF are raging so there must be something right about it
  15. @Stiff and DC You're making me feel old lads I was up and about at all sorts of nonsense when those 2 were in the charts
  16. You couldn't go to his door mate you'd have to get past his Mrs and kid, he'd be throwing them in front of you to get out the back door
  17. So you'd be happy with someone knrocking on the door at ocean view so you could hide behind your Mrs or kid, a decent bloke don't take it to a maggots door unless absolutely necessary.
  18. I remember that, always been a stranger lot the further west you go lol
  19. Perhaps we should have a scrap and max would fight the winner, or loser ...lol
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