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  1. I reckon an hour in some of these nutters heads would be better tha a bucket full of drugs
  2. Phone robbery apparently
  3. He's probably gonna grass you for tax evasion, be right up his street
  4. On Lambert and Butler snides and white lightening
  5. Always been retards in the game, theres more of them now with easier access to publicity
  6. Blanket asylum ban for anyone who enters UK illegally under Home Sec's new plans to tackle Channel crossings WWW.LBC.CO.UK Migrants who cross the Channel in small boats will be banned from claiming asylum under tough new plans.
  7. Nope, where have I threatened anyone, I didnt even threaten you I offered you an oppertunity to show you wernt a spineless coward of a man but you refused
  8. Thats what you fantasize happening, you've proven your cowardice over and over, I feel sorry for your mrs and kid you'd leave them to fend for themselves if it came to it, cant turn cowardice on and off
  9. Could be worse, could be coward of the country but that's a title you'll never lose
  10. I'd put your full address up and postcode but DC would be up there to slap you about
  11. Got a kitchen floor needs doing ( Flags ) will be in touch soon, hope your rates are reasonable
  12. Probably balls deep in each other
  13. If I found it you wouldnt be reading about it in the paper
  14. https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/408394-idiot-med-school-drop-out-leftie/
  15. Its a high profile british tv personality, although I dont doubt the people you mentioned are up to their necks in it
  16. Been reading about this the last few days, I think we all know theres more than 1, but whats with this " utouchable " bollocks, if the proof is there name names Jimmy Savile investigator says more ‘untouchable’ high-profile child sex abusers are out there INEWS.CO.UK Former detective who exposed Savile's crimes reveals he has been working with police on a case against a 'very...
  17. No human remains found, false alarm
  18. Cardiff City won the F.A cup in 1927, I know because its club history and some stupid twats wear hats with it on FFS, history is great but those who cling to it have nothing in the present, a bit like S#F#
  19. About right, the Maxs of the world will cotton on, just give them decade.....or 2
  20. I knew there'd be a sensible reason for them stupid fck cars
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