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  1. Signed in through Facebook as it didn't show up I had completed the post,obviously posted tho haha
  2. Met in Swansea services she is from Fishguard the dam was brought with her (black patt) used for ratting and bushing and the sire is a terrier for Pembroke hunt I can't upload the pictures they are to big,if u have Facebook Daniel add me and I can show you them but yes I'm sure I'll have some good use out of her in the future
  3. Cheese burgers where for me I was a hungry man last night haha, I Ccouldent post it on wookie so signed in through Facebook my phone is terrible mate lol
  4. Great setup there, barrel is a great idea
  5. If she's keen I suppose she thinks she's ready for new task I suppose haha
  6. Danny if you're not 100% committed then leave her out, holes under trees can be a nightmare with roots and you don't want to be digging on your own, I'd be getting her out with some terriers that know their stuff in an easier place just to see if its in her, at least then you will know what she's about, WM Deffo mate I won't rush her but she seemed keen to go down but I'm not 100% she would do the job so only time will tell on future working days,she could well suprise me tho but will take her out soon
  7. Hole is big enough to get down its under a old tree loads of room down there and these a hole other side of it so possibly a bolt hole? My bitch has only been used for bunnys and I've only had her a week so not sure haw she would react to something bigger than a bunny haha it is tempting but not sure if my dog would be ready and wouldn't want to Nock her confidence
  8. Yes that is true mate,the photo is to big to upload but entrance holds a lot of leaves and goes very deep down its under a old tree and the edge of a wood possibly something there, I will pop back again another day as its not far from home ??
  9. My bitch led me to this today pulling very strong on the lead and making a few noises, something could have been at home but it looks like a old hole dosent it?
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