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    Archer Nv

    Hi can anyone please tell me what would be the best scope to put my archer on tried it on a schmidt and bender 6x42 but could not get a clear image but have now been told i need to put it on a sight that has got an adjustable parallex so am now trying to find out what would be best if you could help it would be much appreciated
  2. what is the best night vision scope for £2000 for foxing been looking at a nemesis x6 or is there something better out there any help would be great cheers
  3. Hi dont really know anything about night vision scopes i have go a swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x56 and have been looking at front mounted nv for foxing or should i get a standard nv scope but then i would have to set up a rifle just for night shooting if any one could give me some advice that would be great
  4. Hi all just joined so new to all this i have got a swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x56 looking to get a front mounted nv but not sure what make would work best with my scope for foxing if anyone could help that would be great