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  1. The dog made our local papers bud,swam into the middle of a boating lake and killed a swan,then promptly retrieved it,
  2. Was your old dog called Logan foxpack?
  3. That would be the litter brother to H Millwards bitch,I think most of that litter did a bit for their owners.
  4. Was that dog bred by C Slater fox pack?
  5. Busy by name busy by nature,lots of drive good engine on her,not a lot of music though.Can get distracted by other scents.But when she’s on she will go as fast and as far as some of the straight hounds we run.
  6. Could fox pack please help me out,how old are the 2 Black and Tan spaniel crosses,i’ve got the litter sister which Arthur had down Barnsley a bitch called Busy.
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