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  1. what price you looking for? rough idea
  2. I have a Brno cz527 boltaction rile with scope, in good condition, would swop for a fac airrifle, im in Glasgow or sell for 150.00 fac only
  3. iv flown my male at pheasant last 9 years, from soar and following on, the bird soon finds its best angle for hunting them, makes no dirrerence if yer hunting cock or hen. just get out and show the hawk some and take it from there. imho.
  4. 15 ft shakespear oberon salmon fly rod , rated 10/11 , vgc, comes with a magnum 200D real with spare spool. with a floating and a sinking line, great action in rod for throwing out long lines. bargain for quick sale,,£150,00. glasgow area, cant get pics up but will email interested thanks
  5. got him back today, trusty old wing lure, bloody 5 days of freedom ended
  6. male harris lost in kilsyth area on sat bells and 173 tag on , any info tel.. 07731511649 cheers,, mark
  7. lost on sat 12/11/11 in kilsyth area, male harris with 173.245 tag and bell, any sightings please call 07731511649. cheers mark
  8. looking for above for an airarms s 200, if anyone got one sitting around not gettin used., pm price if ye have cheers
  9. bump for offers
  10. still got them if someine lookin fr a bargain
  11. looking for one soon as poss. glasgow or surrounding are prefferably, reasonable price. cheers.. mark NOW SORTED
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