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Guest oldskool

if any newcomer was interested in getting a book i would always point them towards plummers stuff... i always found it spot on and whether you choose to believe the stories or not is up to the reader but when it came to teaching a dog to enter to quarry or retrieve a rabbit for example, i thought his books were spot on...



i have most of them and i really liked nathan... my 2 favourite books in the world are nathan and everymans hand by d harcombe... i couldnt chose between them

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If you took Brian for what he was he was a nice guy, He genuinley believed what he wrote and said, sure there was some bullshit. But the guy is still spoke about and had a breed of dogs named after him, and his books are collectors items. He couldnt please everybody but how many of us can say we've acheived a qtr of what he did. Im not a great fan but I like to give anyone a fair chance and he did his bit for hunting etc.

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