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hobart mincer seizing up

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has anyone had anything to do with this make of mincer , I think its a Hobart 22 ,, it seizes if left for a few days , got to put a 3/4 drive bar into the output shaft and help it to get moving , is there any oil/grease points 

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We use mincers all the time and never had one do this. Both manual and electric.

After washing before putting away, we lube metal to metal contact points in the mincer side with pig fat or lard, and if mincing/grinding something else that needs it to be dry, we wash and dry it just before use. - then lube it again after cleaning before putting it away.

It is possible that liquid has got between the drive shaft and seal making your bearing on the motor drive shaft rusty, you should be able to see that if you dismantle the mincer side. If the bearing has rust you need to replace it and the shaft seal. You would feel grinding in the drive shaft if there is rust, when you turn it by hand. Maybe have both motor bearings replaced if you have that problem at the drive end.

My 2c

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